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Zombies vs Robots Ashley Wood Portfolio

Ashley Wood (a)Starting this month, IDW will be producing high-end collectible and frameable art portfolios featuring 11" x 17" cover art replicas by some of the most notable talents in comics. Up first, eight Zombies vs Robots images from Spectrum Award-winning artist Ashley Wood! Each portfolio will be packaged in customized manila envelopes.FC $20.00 8 prints 11” x 17”
Uploaded by idwpublishing on 03/26/2012
Digital publication details: 4 pages.


Uploaded by androsfenix on 10/18/2011
Digital publication details: 132 pages.

Gangsters, Guns and Zombies Prequel Comic

Gangsters, Guns and Zombies The Prequel Comic!
Uploaded by mattmitchell8 on 04/03/2013
Digital publication details: 22 pages.
Tags: comic · gangsters · guns · prequel · zombies

ZMD: Zombies Of Mass Destruction TP

With public patience for Middle East casualties wearing thin, the U.S. military adopts a new weapon — zombies. Courtesy of Red 5 Comics.
Uploaded by previews on 11/29/2010
Digital publication details: 6 pages.

Zombies vs Robots: Z-Boyz in the Robot Graveyard (PROSE)

John Shirley (w) • Daniel Bradford (a & c)The brain infection known as the Zombie vs Robots prose program continues with this exclusive two-part novella from cyberpunk John Shirley (The Crow). Evocative full-color illustrations of distressing robot-on-zombie violence by a master of dystopian atmospherics and unease provided by Daniel Bradford (King). HC • FC • $34.99 • 108 pages • 6” x 9” • ISBN 978-1-61377-239-3
Uploaded by idwpublishing on 10/01/2012
Digital publication details: 10 pages.

Abraham Lincoln Video - President Vs. Zombies

He right away provides orders to the army to go an...
Uploaded by callvise02 on 01/26/2013
Digital publication details: 2 pages.

Call of Duty Black Ops - Zombies on Five

Amazon (# 1) Best Selling Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 by Activision Publishing x BOX! http://drmunaalrawahi.com
Uploaded by alrawahfff on 01/06/2012
Digital publication details: 2 pages.

BleedingCool.com - Gangsters, Guns and Zombies

A prequel to the new British movie.
Uploaded by richjohnston on 01/02/2013
Digital publication details: 22 pages.

Comics, Zombies & Spam

Personal Reminiscence: Assignment 4 of Graphic Storytelling Workshop. Narrative is based on a Personal Reminiscence of someone you know well.
Uploaded by lynnholilin on 03/11/2010
Digital publication details: 7 pages.

Zombies vs Robots Annual

Chris Ryall, Daniel Wilson, Rio Youers, Kevin Grevioux (w) • Ashley Wood, Sam Kieth, Andy Kuhn, Drew Ford (a) • Ashley Wood (c)This first-ever ZvR special not only reunites co-creators Chris Ryall & Ashley Wood, but it opens the ZvR world to other creators, too. Creators like novelists Daniel Wilson (Robopocalypse) and Rio Youers, artists Sam Kieth and Andy Kuhn! In “Seasons of War,” each creative team looks at a different season of the zombie-robot apocalypse!FC • 48 pages • $7.99
Uploaded by idwpublishing on 05/28/2012
Digital publication details: 10 pages.
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