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Teacher's Guide: Attack of the Zombie Journal

This is a basic overview for the video entitled Attack of the Zombie Journal. Toward the end of the document there is a checklist and rubric for assessing student blogging.
Uploaded by crochunt76 on 06/25/2012
Digital publication details: 5 pages.

Zombies and Syphilis - A Myth to Explain a Ailment?

That may possibly sound funny
Uploaded by gym2soda on 01/22/2013
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Zombie comedy movies

The reasons might be myriad - a morbid fascination...
Uploaded by skiingsack49 on 05/02/2013
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Zombies - A Quick Heritage

Zombies are not new and they have in fact grow to ...
Uploaded by trowel65clave on 02/09/2013
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The Nerve Magazine - August 2005

The August 2005 issue of The Nerve Magazine featuring The Spitfires, Adolescents, Rob Zombie, The Scramblers, MxPx, Bleed the Dream, Kilbourne, CKY, T.V. Heart Attack, The Ruffnecks, Faber
Uploaded by thenervemagazine on 07/30/2005
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Halloween Spooktacular! CLUnion! A Classic Whodunit! Solve it! pg. 12 How to Survive a Zombie Attack! Killer Interview with Sage Francis pg. 9! Plus Interviews with The Grates, Opeth, and the Legendary Guitarist of Anthrax, Scott Ian
Uploaded by theunionweekly on 10/16/2009
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It started with the elderly. They went nuts and started eating people. The nerds are calling it the zombie apocalypse but I think that's just so they have an excuse to commit murder. My wife worked at Shady Hills nursing home and it raged out last night while she was on duty. She wasn't among the dead so I know she's out there somewhere. I don't care that she's infected. She's my wife. This journal chronicles my mission to find and cure her.
Uploaded by spitfire123 on 03/29/2013
Digital publication details: 24 pages.

Max Brooks The zombie Survivor Guide

A complete and illustrated guide created to survive a zombie attack.
Uploaded by dannyrotten on 03/17/2011
Digital publication details: 270 pages.

Issue 5

Volume 19, Issue 5
Uploaded by thevancougar on 10/21/2012
Digital publication details: 12 pages.

The Zombie Survival Guide By Max Brooks

The Zombie Survival Guide By Max Brooks
Uploaded by kidfodd on 04/10/2008
Digital publication details: 269 pages.
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