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Are you in a Band
are you in a ad request sheet
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Evaluation of the UN-HABITAT Youth Programme & Urban Youth Fund
The evaluation of the UN-Habitat Youth Programme was mandated by UN-Habitat Governing Council resolution 21/6, which, among other things, requested the Executive Director to establish the Opportunities Fund for Urban Youth-led Development, and undertake an evaluation of the operation of the special fund and to submit a report thereon to the Governing Council at its twenty-third session in April 2011. The main objectives of the evaluation were to assess the relevance of the work carried out by UN-Habitat with urban youth; to review the integration of youth issues in the normative and operational work of UN-Habitat; to evaluate the operations of the Urban Youth Fund; and to review the normative and operational performance of the youth empowerment initiatives of UN-Habitat
Uploaded by unhabitat on 04/01/2012
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Victorian Youth Arts Market Press
Presented by Young People and the Arts Australia, the Victorian Youth Arts Market was a celebration and showcase of leading organisations in Victoria that engage children and young people in the arts. Event dates: 12-16 November 2010.
Uploaded by ypaa on 04/19/2011
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Youth in Latvia, Europe, Globe: Opportunities and Risks — Conference abstracts and programme
The objective of the conference — to analyse youth problems both from the perspective of youth research and youth policy in order to strengthen an effective collaboration between youth research and youth policy both in Latvia and internationally. It aims also to develop the network of youth researchers and attract early career youth researchers. The conference offers a platform for discussions on the role of youth research in the development and implementation of youth policy. — ISBN 978-9984-624-96-9
Uploaded by lufsi on 05/30/2012
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Youth Participation
The bilingual interactive newsletter of the Eurodesk Cyprus for the month February is dedicated to the youth participation.The president of the Cyprus Children's Parliament is giving her views and her vision regarding the involvement of the children and generally the youth in the decision making process.Find useful information about local and European opportunities,good practices and tool kits for youth workers. General Editing:Maria Strati:Operator of the Eurodesk Cyrus
Uploaded by mariepaz on 02/20/2012
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Free Christian Youth Sermons: 4 Reasons Youth Stop Attending Worship
Free Christian Youth Sermons: Learn the four main reasons youth stop attending worship service and how to get them back.
Uploaded by kensapp on 07/19/2011
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Youth Sermon Ideas: Good Youth Sermon Titles
Youth Sermon Ideas: A good youth sermon title is a hook on which the message can hang and be easily retrieved from memory.
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Creative Youth Ideas - Effective Youth Bible Study
Youth Ideas: What are some of the keys to effective Bible Study with Youth?
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20th European Youth Cooperation Meeting of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies - final report
This report covers the last European Youth Cooperation Meeting of RCRC Societies (EYCM) held in Bulgaria between 18 and 22 April 2012, hosted by the Bulgarian Red Cross. The Red Cross Red Crescent European Youth Network gathers National Societies’ Youth from Europe and Central Asia. It was established in 1978 and is thereby the oldest of the existing Red Cross Red Crescent Youth Networks. Over the last thirty four years the Red Cross Red Crescent European Youth Network has contributed to further strengthen member National Societies Youth structures and Youth action through providing a platform for sharing relevant knowledge, ideas and experiences among Youth representatives from Europe Zone.
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