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Zoolz is the only cloud solution that keeps your data even when you disconnect your drives

Benefits of Agile Lifecycle Management
Agile lifecycle management solutions can be employed by the different project teams of enterprises to avail of benefits that include generation of timely and actionable reports, ability to track several projects precisely, identifying potential risks, getting real-time information, easy and effective reporting abilities.
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Outsourced Software Development – The Tactical Edge
To meet the inherent need, organizations either use their information technology wing to develop the required software or rely on outsourced software development services. Outsourcing of technology can include software solutions, applications or outsourced product development services.
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Benefits of Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Logistics and supply chain management is an essential function and component in business today. Without this, no manufacturing, market or any kind of project execution can be successful. Logistics support is a must for all important business operations.. Most companies incur 10 to 35 percent of their gross sales on Logistic expenses. However, the exact amount depends on the business type, geography and value/weight ratio.
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Centennial Titans
A feature on Indian enterprises which have completed Hundred years.
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The Golden League
A feature on Indian enterprises which have completed Fifty Years
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Bespoke Software Development
You are able to manage, control, develop and test the overall development method coming from one software. Which means teams can easily keep an eye on and also improve software application development.
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Best Companies of South India
A feature on South Indian best enterprises
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Top 500: South Africa’s Best Managed Companies was conceptualized to recognize the crème de la crème of business in South Africa. Top 500 employs a team of research analysts who gather information from over 4000 companies annually, and we analyse this data to find the most successful companies from 100 business sectors.
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Award-winning Quick Heal Launches 2011 Series
Quick Heal Technologies has unveiled the brand new 2011 series of its computer security solution. The new release promises to provide the best user interface and ease of use to the users – while providing a very robust solution for blocking viruses, spywares, roguewares and other malwares.
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Software development companies australia
1300bpo also offer Quality Assessment and software testing functionality to your specifications. We are leading Business Software Development Service provider in Sydney, Australia.
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