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DC Big Data Exploration Final Report
More than 150 topic experts, data scientists, civic "hackers," civil society groups and development practitioners gathered at the World Bank on March 15-17, 2013 for the DC Big Data Exploration event. Working alongside Bank experts on the Poverty and Fraud & Corruption teams, data scientists uncovered new ways of collecting, exploring, and visualizing data to maximize their impact. The collaboration between the two communities yielded new insights from World Bank data, devised new ways of using existing big data sources for monitoring poverty and corruption, and created entirely new streams of data that the Bank and its partners can use in future research.
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A Guide to the World Bank
The World Bank Group is a vital source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world. Its focus is on helping the poorest people in the poorest countries by using its financial resources, staff, and extensive experience to aid countries in reducing poverty, increasing economic growth, and improving quality of life. In partnership with more than 100 developing countries, the Bank Group is striving to improve health and education, fight corruption, boost agricultural support, build roadsand ports, and protect the environment. Other projects are aimed at rebuilding war-torn countries or regions, providing basic services such as access to clean water, and encouraging investments that create jobs.
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Poverty - Forests Linkages Tookit
An estimated 1.2 billion people rely on forests for some part of their livelihoods. However, the importance of forests is often overlooked in national development processes such as poverty reduction strategies due to inadequate evidence documenting how forests sustain the poor. To build better knowledge on this critical relationship, PROFOR developed a “Poverty-Forests Linkages Toolkit” to facilitate relevant data collection and analysis.
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BULGARIA: Accounting and Auditing ROSC
This report provides an assessment of accounting, financial reporting, and auditing requirements and practices within the enterprise and financial sectors in Bulgaria. The report uses International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), International Standards on Auditing (ISA), and the relevant portions of European Union (EU) law (also known as the acquis communautaire) as benchmarks and draws on international experience and good practices in the field of accounting and audit regulation to assess the quality of financial information and make policy recommendations. This assessment is an update of the previous Accounting and Auditing Report on the Observance of Standards and Codes (A&A ROSC)1 conducted in Bulgaria in 2002 (see Table 1 for the progress on key recommendations of the 2002 A&A ROSC).
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Doing Business 2012
The Doing Business series provides research, data, and analysis on business regulation in 183 economies across 11 areas of the business life cycle. Doing Business 2012 identifies this year’s most improved economies in business regulation while highlighting best practices and global business regulation reform trends. This year’s report builds upon the eight previous editions, and sheds light on how easy or difficult it is for a local entrepreneur to open and run a small to medium-size business when complying with their local business regulations.
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Investing Across Borders 2010
This is the first World Bank Group report to offer objective data on laws and regulations affecting foreign direct investment that can be compared across 87 countries. Clear and effective laws and regulations are vital for ensuring best results for host economies, their citizens, and investors.
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World Bank: Online Resources and Mobile Apps.
These web portals and mobile applications allow you to quickly and easily access essential World Bank knowledge on your computer, iPad™, or iPhone™! From authoritative publications to comprehensive data to unique mapping and visualization tools, the World Bank provides a wealth of information on international development at your fingertips.
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Bulgaria eased business start-up by reducing the paid-in minimum capital requirement to about 21 percent of gross national income per capita and making the company registry more efficient. An integrated Web-based property register providing online access to the ownership and cadastre status of properties shortened the time required to register property. Due to these reforms Bulgaria keeps its track record of business friendly destination and was ranked on 44th place globally in the latest Doing Business 2010 report.
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Accelerating Bulgaria’s Convergence: the Challenge of Raising Productivity - Main Report
Bulgaria has to raise its recent rate of growth of productivity to 5% per year and keep it there for about 30 years, if it is to converge rapidly to the income levels of the rest of the EU, says the latest World Bank Report entitled “Accelerating Bulgaria’s Convergence: the Challenge of Raising Productivity”.
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From Red to Gray
From Red to Gray - The “Third Transition” of Aging Populations in Eastern Europe and the former SU
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