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Understanding Microsoft Virtualization Solutions
Another Microsoft Press eBook for the IT Community
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Virtualization Desktop- Improving Workspace Lifecycles
Virtual desktop infrastructure is a popular technology used to manage and deploy virtual desktops. The operating systems, applications and user settings are stored on virtual machines in a centralized server and made available to everyone in the network.
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Desktop Virtualization Software Creating Cost Effective Workspaces
The tech savvy business houses and their corporate sector counterparts in their quest for better management practices of their wide enterprises have placed a new set of challenges for the IT industry.
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Understanding Desktop Virtualization
Desktop virtualization is the concept of detaching the environment of a personal computer desktop from the physical machine. Hence, instead of using physical machines users operate virtual machines to access their desktops.
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Secure Virtual Workspace-Allows You to Work From Anywhere, Anytime
Technological innovations have converted the world into a global virtual sphere today. Speaking on similar lines, leads us to mention few interesting facts about the advent of secure virtual workspace. An emerging trend in computer science that has been successful in resolving crucial security issues that an enterprise witnesses while its daily operations.
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Secure Virtual Workspace – Set Up Your Workspace Anywhere
Developments in technology has made it possible for the entrepreneurs to give life to the “anywhere office” concept. Today, it is the need of every organization.
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Mobile Workforce Solutions – Need for Mobile Workforce Solutions
Times have changed. So has the pattern of lifestyle, work and its trends. Today with the technological advancements and innovative software tools, the very nature of work is evolving.
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Virtualization: A Boon for Green Computing
With energy and power costs increasing as the size of IT infrastructures grow, holding expenses to a minimum is quickly becoming a top priority for many IT pros.
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DeskStream Wins Advantage AP Best Software Award for 2011
DeskStream, the Silicon Valley-based developer of the high-performance Dynamic Virtual Desktop (DVD) platform, received Best Software Product Award at the prestigious Advantage AP 2011, Annual IT summit held recently at Hyderabad, India.
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Get the Advanced Secure Virtual Workspace for Your Mobile Workforce
With the advancements of computer technology and innovative software applications, numerous enterprises are finding it difficult to decide on when to replace the official desktops, workstations and corporate laptops. Today, constant efforts are being taken to bring down the IT expenses, where enterprises are operating in a way to reduce their expenses and corporate laptop fleets.
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