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Creative Writing Workshops - Plans & Happenstance Volume 1
12 workshops to inspire your writing
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Workshops as a Research Methodology
This paper contributes to knowledge on workshops as a research methodology, and specifically on how such workshops pertain to e-learning. A literature review illustrated that workshops are discussed according to three different perspectives: workshops as a means, workshops as practice, and workshops as a research methodology. Focusing primarily on the latter, this paper presents five studies on upper secondary and higher education teachers’ professional development and on teaching and learning through video conferencing. Through analysis and discussion of these studies’ findings, we argue that workshops provide a platform that can aid researchers in identifying and exploring relevant factors in a given domain by providing means for understanding complex work and knowledge processes that are supported by technology (for example, e-learning). The approach supports identifying factors that are not obvious to either the participants or the researchers prior to commencing the...
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Get budget-friendly and unique timber workshops from leading companies
They have years of experience in providing durable and high quality Timber workshops at a very competitive price. The entire structure is planned as well as designed by skilled professionals to meet your diverse needs and requirements.
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Trap Media Workshops Brochure
Trap Media's guide to workshops, from African Drumming to Anti Bullying.
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The Abiquiu Workshops
Located about an hour north of Santa Fe, New Mexico The undulating mountains, high-desert mesas, and stunning red rock buttes of Northern New Mexico touched Georgia O’Keeffe more than any other landscape and inspired some of her greatest paintings. Today, the incredible scenery surrounding Abiquiu, New Mexico, continues to attract artists and art lovers from all over the world.
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Traditional Education Workshops
Chinese Arts Centre offers a series of introductory workshops, talks and demonstrations based around traditional Chinese art forms. Chinese Arts Centre continues its commitment to an extensive learning programme. Since 1986, we have been introducing thousands of children to Chinese visual arts, crafts and performance. Led by our team of experienced and dedicated artists, our workshop programme will enhance the skills and creativity of each participant. Focussing on teachers, school groups and clubs, nonetheless we are able to cater to participants of all ages. The workshops can take place at Chinese Arts Centre, at school or at any other venue.
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Person Enrichment Workshops and Psychological Assessment
Person Enrichment Workshops offered by Centre of Development and Resources for Students - Counselling and Person Enrichment, the University of Hong Kong.
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Abiquiu Workshops - New Mexico 2010
The Abiquiu Workshops has partnered with the Abiquiu Inn to create a new Lecture Series. The programs will be held in the Galleria Arriba located upstairs at the Abiquiu Inn. The purpose of the program is to provide a setting for an exchange of creative ideas and knowledge as well as fascination and entertainment. The lectures will be held
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Contemporary Education Workshops
Chinese Arts Centre is the leading organisation for the promotion of contemporary Chinese art in the UK. Working with the best creative talent we run a lively programme of exhibitions, residencies, engagement projects, festivals, international projects and events which support innovation and that reflect the dynamism of contemporary Chinese art.
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Creative Strategy - Creative Workshops
Transpire is a live and ongoing open collaborative community that encompasses of student designers and designers of all disciplines (designers, illustrators, writers, musicians, filmmakers, etc.), as well as non-creatives. The booklet documents the creative strategies adopted to make the creative workshop initiative a success.
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