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Unveiling Justice:Rape Survivors Speak out

A Research Report on Access to Justice for Rape Survivors in Nepal 2007-2010 It is in the spirit of sisterhood and by working collectively, to raise the Voices of Women, that Isis-WICCE and WOREC Nepal are proud to present the first ever comprehensive report on lack of justice for raped victims; in a report entitled “Unveiling Justice: Rape Survivors Speak out”. The report examines the context of conflict in Nepal and how it has perpetuated the different forms of violence. It further analyses the legal framework and response mechanisms, the barriers that women face in accessing justice.
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Annual Report 2011

WOREC Nepal has been relentlessly working in partnership with local people, I/NGOs, GOs and WHRDs for the protection and promotion of Human rights and sustainable community development based on social justice. WOREC Nepal has been in the forefront for advocating the urgent intervention to end gender based violence.
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WOREC Nepal is a national NGO working in partnership with local people, I/NGOs, GOs and WHRDs for the promotion of Human rights and sustainable community development based on social justice. As a result of continuous advocacy of women led NGOs like WOREC Nepal, and acknowledging the magnitude of violence against women and need for immediate state intervention to address the problem the Government of Nepal declared 2010 as a “Year against Gender Based Violence." This report presents the glimpse of WOREC's activity within the year 2010.
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Facts on violence against women in Nepal

iolence against Women is disturbingly, a growing trend in Nepal. The scope and extent of violence against women are reflections of the degree and persistence of discrimination that women have been continuously facing.
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A Glimpse of Collective Empowerment and Sustainable Community Development Program in Siraha

WOREC Nepal has been actively working in close partnership with local groups/organisations to change the existing discriminatory socio-cultural norms and values that are responsible for subordination of women and marginalized communities. With an overall goal of facilitating marginalized people to improve the quality of their lives from right based perspective, WOREC had conducted "collective empowerment and sustainable community development program in Siraha district" (CESCD) with the financial assistance of MISEREOR,
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An initiative to campaign for sustainable peace and development

WOREC is continuously advocating for peace and social justice through promotion of human rights, democracy and elimination of all kinds of violence, particularly, violence against women. WOREC has been working as a pool between people in the community to the policy making level and creating space to raise the voices of unheard and marginalized groups to be heard.
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Campaign to End Fistula in Nepal Report On Need Assessment for Obstetric Fistula in Nepal

Our assessment shows that, obstetric fistula surgery is practiced in three sites with information verifiable on the registers and files. One fourth site is willing to be really involved in struggle against OF. None of the site is dealing with the five pillar of obstetric fistula. Two of three sites have OF surgery in permanent base while one site actually proceeds by camps. Even where surgery is practiced, there is still a need for training, nursing and surgical technical protocol related to obstetric fistula. Struggle against obstetric fistula is not really coordinated at the country and regional level.
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16 days Activism on violence against women 2012

WOREC Nepal is organizing different programs from community level to National level in solidarity to eliminate VAW all over the world like previous years. The main objective of celebrating this activism is to acknowledge and institutionalize the achievements accomplished in the past by organizing different programs from the perspectives of women's liberation and the commitment to end VAW.
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ANBESHI 2011 : A year Book on Violence Against Women

This year’s Anbeshi once again stresses how complex the issue of violence against women is. The research shows how VAW is intricately linked with larger ideas of masculinity and femininity and their manifestation in extremely private spaces such as one’s home or public spaces such as the work place. The ways in which social violence is effected through a woman’s body and sanctioned by the state makes violence against women a form of political violence. In this background, the active role of the women’s movement can help create an environment for the state to address VAW issues comprehensively and ingently.
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Migration and Women

Fact Sheet on Migration and Women
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