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The Witch Stories

Esmeralda is a shy witch who longs to be noticed. This year she and her cat Pickitywick are attending The North American Spell In, a large witch’s convention and she has a plan to get the attention she deserves. In an old spell book she finds a mysterious recipe for Changing Tea and brews up the potion. The spell is supposed to turn you into the person you have always wanted to be, and seems to be working very well until events happen that make Esmeralda question if the magic is from a spell or located deep inside herself.
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Witch School First Degree

The three-volume Witch School teaching series will prepare you for initiation into all three degrees of Correllian Wicca, one of the largest and fastest-growing Wiccan traditions in the world. As an additional bonus, WitchSchool.com offers many optional interactive features to enhance your textbook learning experience. Become a Witch Set foot on the Witch's path and embark on a journey that will transform you at the deepest levels of your being. The twelve lessons of the Witch School's First Degree, designed to be completed in the traditional "year and a day" format, introduce Wicca as a spiritual path and teach you the essentials of becoming a Witch. Each lesson has six sections: the lesson itself, magical exercises, God or Goddess lore, a spell, a glossary, and study questions.
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halloween witch hats

halloween witch hats
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Little Witch Magazine 06 - Spring 2012

The sixth English LWM, Spring 2012
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Salem Witch Trials - Literature Criticism 1400-1800

This entry discusses the reaction to the Salem witchcraft episode of 1692 through the eyes of contemporaries, today's critics, and scholars before them. Great care is taken to reflect objectivity while presenting broad and sometimes divergent theories surrounding the trials, their origins, and impact on our understanding of these events today.
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Yen Press proudly introduces the first chapter of the upcoming manga adaptation of James Patterson’s #1 New York Times bestselling series, Witch & Wizard!
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Semester Portfolio

Gavin Flood's Digital Design Portfolio
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Witch School

The Witch School teaching series prepares students for initiation into Correllian Wicca, one of the largest and fastest-growing Wiccan traditions in the world. Discover what it means to be Wiccan with this easy-to-follow course on Wicca from Witch School. From energy and consciousness studies to casting spells and making magic, this Wicca book presents the fundamentals of everyday Witch life in an engaging and straightforward manner.
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How to Become a Witch

Set forth on the Witch’s path—this friendly introductory guide presents the key beliefs and practices of Witchcraft and offers step-by-step instruction on how to become a Witch. Best-selling authors Amber K and Azrael Arynn K have nearly fifty years of Craft experience between them. They’ve taught hundreds of students the basics of Witchcraft, and now they’re offering readers the same clear, structured guidance here. This Witchcraft book teaches you everything you need to know about Craft essentials.
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Witch and Spider

Publication sample of Witch and Spider, a short story by Tonya R. Moore--as it appears in the LUNEWING - Black Fairy Anthology. Witch and Spider was published May 10, 2010 in the LUNEWING - Black Fairy Anthology. In West African mythology, Anansi was son of the sky god Nyame and earth goddess, Asase Ya. Anansi brought fire, rain and stories to the world. Jamaica is home to many people of strong West African ancestry. As a result, infinite permutations of anecdotal Anansi fables have been passed down in Jamaica by way of oral tradition. "Witch and Spider" by Tonya R. Moore is a futuristic re-imagining of an Anansi encounter.
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