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Wired.com Teen Solves Quantum Entanglement Problem for Fun

Copyright Wired.com, Published June 4th, 2012, Author Cade Metz Ari Dyckovsky, teenage genius, solves quantum entanglement problem for fun, helping forward the scientific study of quantum computing.
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Volcanic Crystal Forensics: What Minerals Tell Us About Evolution

An article via wired.com written by Erik Klemetti on using the growth pattern and arrangement of crystals in volcanic areas as forensic tools to determine a volcanic timeline
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Digital art with je ne sais quoi

Interviewed by Xeni Jardin for Wired.com about the online gallery I curated for Villette Numérique in 2002
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New Media Research

Digital Signage, Digital Art, New Media
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Best Spy Camera

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2009 Cox Report - Gerald Swindle

2009 Cox Report - Gerald Swindle
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Variant Analyses, Interrogations of New Media Art and Culture

Lichty’s range of commentary and analysis dissects nearly two decades of what has now become new media society. Before Facebook’s IPO and Wikileaks’ media storm, artistas- activists experimented with data gloves, virtual world performance, and anonymous, anarchic disruptions determined to bewilder traditional enclaves of art and political society. In this collection Lichty presents several such experiments in distributed creativity: collaborations across a range of technologies and platforms, where authorship becomes a vague placeholder and sometimes acts as a performance in of itself, and the artwork is equally in flux, always in process, and often disappearing into bits.
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CMC Spring 2011

Spring 2011 issue - Magazines Canada
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Liberty Newsprint Jan-10-10

Liberty Newsprint is America's daily E-Reader News Edition. News that matters. Subscribe Now!
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Crisis in Zefra

"The book Crisis in Zefra written by Directorate of Land Strategic Concepts (DLSC) in Kingston, and distributed in December, encourages debate on future concepts by looking at emerging technologies that could become part of the Canadian Army." -http://www.army.forces.gc.ca/LF/English/6_1_1.asp?id=844
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