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Winter Blockbuster 2012 - 4 Book Box Set
Duty And The Beast by Trish Morey Rescued from the clutches of a lascivious prince, Princess Aisha Peshwah quickly realises she's jumped out of the frying pan and headfirst into the fire. Her rescuer is Zoltan Al Farouk bin Shamal an unashamed barbarian who must marry Aisha himself to ensure he is crowned King! One Dance With The Sheikh by Tessa Radley Laurel Kincaid walked the straightandnarrow her entire life. Indulging in a jaunt with irresistible Rakin Whitcomb Abdellah is a delicious escape. So delicious that she says 'I do' to a shortterm marriage of convenience! But being husband and wife behind closed doors is more tantalising than either of them expected, and suddenly the rules of their temporary marriage feel very inconvenient Taming The Lost Prince by Raye Morgan Kayla Mandrake was brought in to 'tame' the new prince, Max Kanova, but she didn't expect it to be her late husband's best friend! The same man whose baby she had after a reckless unforgettable night of passion. How could she face him again and tell him the truth about their child? The Taming Of The Rogue by Amanda McCabe Anna Barrett is more comfortable filling tankards at the White Heron Theatre than shopping for corsets. Her 'take no prisoners' attitude has earned her a tough reputation. Where she was once innocent and nave, now she's vowed never to be ensnared by a man again. Except Robert Alden is not any man
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781743067086

Apocalypse 2012
Updated to include dramatic new evidence from NASA and the National Academy of Sciences pointing to a knockout of the electrical power grid by solar systems expected to climax in 2012-2013. Don't look up! It won't help. You can't get out of the way, you can't dig a hole deep enough to hide. The end is coming, and there's nothing you can do about it. So why read this book? Because you can't look away when not just the religious fanatics are saying we're all going to be destroyed but the scientists are in on the act too. Here's what they're saying: We're a million years over due for a mass extinction. The sun at radiation minimum is acting much worse than at solar maximum, and one misdirected spewing of plasma could fry us in an instant. The magnetic fieldwhich shields us from harmful radiationis developing a mysterious crack. Our solar system is entering an energetically hostile part of the galaxy. The Yellowstone supervolcano is getting ready to blow, and if it does, we can look forward to nuclear winter and 90 percent annihilation. The Maya, the world's greatest timekeepers ever, say it's all going to stop on December 21, 2012. So, see? There's nothing you can do, but you might as well sit back and enjoy the show. You'll get a good chuckle. That's why you should read this book.
Category: History. ISBN: 9780767924474

Playfair Cricket Annual 2012
The 65th edition of the PLAYFAIR CRICKET ANNUAL reviews England's two triumphant 2011 home Test series against Sri Lanka and India, as well as their autumn/winter matches against India and Pakistan. The book is packed with all the essential information required to follow events on the cricket field, with unrivalled up-to-the-minute statistical detail on all first-class players registered in the UK at the time of press. There are fixture lists for the coming season, including 2nd XI and Minor Counties. It also features highlights of the 2011 summer and previews the 2012 tourists the West Indies and South Africa, plus full Test match, first-class and limited-overs international records.
Category: Sports & Recreation. ISBN: 9780755387519

2012 Global Warning
2012 Global Warning: The destination or the beginning of the apocalypse? Ninth and Last Sign: You will hear of a dwelling place in the heavens, above the earth, that shall fall with a great crash. It will appear as a blue star. And very soon after this the ceremonies of people will cease. There are nine signs that great destruction has come and is coming. Like many tribes, the Hopis drew images that have come to pass and images of things to come. Thirteen Baktuns is equal to just over 5,125 years, and in our present age of the jaguar, the fourth age, the Great Cycle runs out on the winter solstice, December 21, 2012, the Mayan end date. The meaning is the death of the sun, the rebirth of a universe, and the Mayan Prophecy of the return of the god Quetzalcoatl: all this is the subject of active debate. This time will also mark a United States change in era where we will elect a new President. Is this the prophecy of the Antichrist? Could it be the end of one time and the beginning of the final stages of centuries of prophecies?
Category: Religion. ISBN: 9781450211611

The expanded companion book to the #1 documentary film about 2012! The 2012 meme has evolved beyond any debates about the relevance of the Maya Long Count calendar to the lives of contemporary human beings. 2012 is about us on planet Earth at this time. December 21, 2012: will the world really change forever on this date, the end of a 5,125-year calendar last used over a thousand years ago? Certainly Hollywood would like you to think so. Indeed, a not-so-small industry has arisen around the date, hawking everything from t-shirts to teleseminars. Clearing a path between fantasy and reality, Alexandra Bruce surveys the entire 2012 landscape, asking questions such as: Is the Earth losing its Mojo? How did 2012 come to mean "The End of Time"? Did psychedelics facilitate the Maya "Cosmovision"? Should we worry about Earth Crustal Displacement? What the hell is "Planet X"? Uniquely amongst a vast array of 2012 literature, this book features interviews with the leading expertsincluding Graham Hancock, John Major Jenkins, Daniel Pinchbeck and many othersand insightful, detailed analysis of the broad spectrum of opinion, debate, research and myth regarding the most compelling "end times" prediction of the 21st century.
Category: Body Mind & Spirit. ISBN: 9781934708286

Schwerpunktthema: Die Balkankriege des ausgehenden 19. und beginnenden 20. Jahrhunderts Holm Sundhaussen: Wie balkanisch waren die Balkankriege des 20. Jahrhunderts? Florian Keisinger: Near Eastern, near Western Question: Die Balkankriege 1912/13 in der englischen und irischen Presse Valery Kolev: The Bulgarian Delegation at the Paris Peace Conference, 19191920.
Category: History. ISBN: 9783486709438

AMAZING PROPHECY HIDDEN IN NOVEL! By the author who foretold 911 and the Twin Towers meltdown! In all that is banal and bathetic lurks the heroic as in the story of Attila Nagy whose mad forays into time sound the horn of prophecy. The visionary path its author Peter Hargitai cuts into time intersects with Nostradamus famous Epistle and with contemporary history: The great empire of the Antichrist will begin where Attila and Xerxes descended. --Nostradamus (from the Epistle to Henry II) Praise for Editors Choice Author Peter Hargitai: This deliciously ironic, picaresque tale borders on the bizarre, but Hargitai is a language master capable of effortless shifts from reality to myth This genre-bending novel is a pleasure to read. Highly recommended for all fiction collections. --Library Journal Hargitai maintains a high level of tension; with arrogant abandon he plays out his tricks and his intricate cat-and-mouse game on the reader with huge success. So deft are his embroidery of metaphors and redressing of myths that we give credence to the most outrageous bluffs, mythical occurrences, pseudomagic, drug-induced psychedelic visions, inexplicable apparitions, and a bevy of layers-thick concealments Few can convey the madness of the New World with such absurd dexterity, and such a keen sense of irony and the grotesque. This mischievous, iconoclastic sorcerer manages to mesmerize everybody. --World Literature Today
Category: Children's & Young Adult Fiction. ISBN: 9781450268240

This book is about humanitys evolutionary journey to higher consciousness. It reveals what was intended for us from the very beginning. All is laid bare in Universal Time Cycles and their mandates. Our resistance to these mandates has contributed to our present state of wars, violence, and an earth struggling to sustain us! We have reached a level of evolution which can no longer deny the true purpose of our being the expression of our spiritual nature on the earth. Now, in the 21st Century, this is stamped non-negotiable ! If we truly want peace then we must be willing to work together with the Universal mandates for our time only in this way can we realistically, give peace a chance. Anna Belcastro is a Numerology Profiler and Life Purpose Counsellor. Her study, research and incisive application of number in our lives and in our world is made evident within the pages of this book.
Category: Self-Help. ISBN: 9781452502229

A pocket compilation of the Mayan legends of 2012, featuring everything you need to know about the Apocalypse in easy to digest facts. The first thing you need to know about 2012 is that it's just like any other year. And the second thing you need to know... is that it really isn't... The Maya didn't make it their 'end date' for nothing... 2012 collects everything you need to know about how, why and what is going to happen in this apocalyptic year, as outlined in the ancient Mayan prophesies in a humourous and insightful way, the facts, the fantasties and the frankly extraordinary.
Category: Body Mind & Spirit. ISBN: 9780593069936

Up-to-date information on some 7,000 institutions and approx. 12,000 persons in public life in Bavaria: authorities and departments of local, state and federal administration; jurisdiction; syndicates and other organizations from politics, business, academic life, the arts etc.; notaries, church offices, schools, universities, museums, libraries, hospitals, banks and mayors, District Administrators, chairpersons, presidents, directors, managing directors and other executives.
Category: Reference. ISBN: 9783110235548
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