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GeoLab Announces the Release of Wind Buddha Version 1.1: A Free ArcGIS Silverlight Wind Application
GeoLab announces the release of Wind Buddha™ version 1.1, a free ArcGIS® Silverlight wind application that allows users to locate and analyze wind potential across the United States.
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Downscaling of mesoscale data with meteodyn WT to build the wind energy atlas
Wind energy atlas for the Loyalty Islands, archipelago of the New Caledonian territory. The reference meteorological data are available only at three stations. Analysis of these data shows the influence of the night cooling that stabilizes the atmospheric boundary layer on the largest islands. For the narrowest ones, the diurnal variation is weak. The paper shows the difficulties of mesoscale simulations to reproduce entirely the thermal effects (sea breeze, nocturnal cooling) in this area where topographical, roughness and thermal effects may have the same order of magnitude. In that context, further analysis and corrections are proposed to introduce stability and breeze influence in the results produced by the CFD software meteodyn WT that includes only topographical and roughness corrections. Maps of the yearly mean quantities such as mean wind speed, energy density, turbulence intensity and energy production for a reference wind turbine are delivered on a 125 m grid
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2008-2009 Chicago Solar Energy Catalog
2008-2009 Chicago Solar Energy Catalog
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Global Wind Energy Market, Industry and Economic Impacts
This paper presents the global status of wind energy in order to establish a context for understanding the contemporary wind energy industry. It is discussed wind resources worldwide with the global wind distribution and mains concerns and how wind resources worldwide are spread globally. The world wind energy market outlook is shown; especially emphasis is given on global wind energy market by production side, wind energy converters manufacturers and economic impacts from wind energy industry on economy which it is devoted special attention to the job creation by wind energy industry.
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New York City 1922 Wind Roses
These are Wind Pattern Maps for Central Park, from Volume VIII of a "Regional Survey of New York and its Environs" part of the 1929 New York Regional Plan by Harold M. Lewis et al. They are provided for people wanting to fly kites and balloons along the Gowanus Canal. Please note that because of the bowl shape of the Gowanus valley, monarch butterflies have been observed flying towards the northwest, but then veering southwest because of local wind patterns.
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Wind Energy Validation Using AvailableWind Potential
This paper analyzes the probability distribution of wind speed data recorded by Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA) wind farm at Ahmednagar (India). The main objective is to validate the wind energy probability by using probability distribution function (PDF) of available wind potential. The wind speed is measured with the help of three anemometers S30, S45, S60 placed at 30 m, 45 m, and 60 m height. Mean values are recorded and stored for every hour using a Data logger. For accounting Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) tower height, data recorded from S60 anemometer at 60 m height is used for analysis purpose. To estimate the wind energy probability, hourly wind speed data for one year interval is selected. Weibull distribution is adopted in this study to best fit the wind speed data.
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2008-2009 Colorado Solar Energy Catalog
2008-2009 Colorado Solar Energy Catalog
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Offshore wind energy and birds
Isadora Christel Jiménez (2012) Offshore wind energy and birds: Integrating assessment tools in space and time. Tesis doctoral. Departament de Biologia Animal, Universitat de Barcelona
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Mandy Pritty Print Portfolio
Mandy Pritty Print Portfolio
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FOWIND Supply chain port infrastructure and logistics study report
This report first provides an overview of the key supply chain elements required for offshore wind and undertakes an initial review of the potential for Indian companies to enter the market. Following on from the supply chain assessment a port infrastructure and logistics assessment is provided, identifying key component specifications, vessel requirements, installation strategies and port infrastructure required from manufacturing to installation and through to the operation and maintenance of an offshore wind farm.
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