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Zoolz is the only cloud solution that keeps your data even when you disconnect your drives

Cloudy with a Chance of Clarity: Navigating Cloud Computing & IT Service Management

In our latest thought leadership whitepaper, Sharon Taylor, Chief Architect of ITIL® V3, provides insight on the concept of cloud computing and its impact on IT Service Management (ITSM). In this paper, Taylor clarifies the facts about cloud computing and discusses whether or not cloud computing changes the need for IT Service Management. She also: - Outlines how cloud-based ITSM tools can benefit your organization - Distinguishes the difference between public and private clouds - Proposes trends for the future of managing cloud services and SaaS ITSM
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Implementing a Service Catalog – 5 Top Tips by Sharon Taylor

Service Catalog: Are you the Master or Slave? This white paper by Sharon Taylor (Chief Architect of ITIL® V3) explores the art of Service Catalog Management, how to create, and how not to create one, the challenges, benefits and 5 top tips on setting it up and improving it.
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An Overview on Kovair IT Service Management SaaS Solution

Kovair SaaS – ITSM is designed for service organizations looking for efficient alignment between IT service operations and business goals.Read the complete Whitepaper to avail all the features and benefits.
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Technical Writing Smples
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Got CRM? CRM Software Guide for Small Business

The purpose of this whitepaper is to educate small business owners on what, why and how CRM can retain existing customers and help their business grow. Understanding the demands of small business owners first hand, this paper has been condensed for quick high-level reading. Once you have read this whitepaper, you will be better equipped to purchase, implement or further research on CRM and how it can positively impact your company.
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WHITEPAPER _ Business Intelligence & Management

First, we will answer some common and basic questions about Business Intelligence, and then, relate them with the management and see how the board can take advantage of all its features.
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Protecting Business Critical Services - E-Mail

This Whitepaper looks at the challenges of managing email for businesses, and the options that are available to organizations looking to deploy solutions to protect their email. The author concludes that a Cloud-based Email Security, Continuity, and Archive solution is the best option currently available.
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Microsoft BPOS Whitepaper

IDC / MJH Consulting whitepaper for Microsoft BPOS
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CMDB Implementations - A Tale of Two Extemes

One of the "quality problems" to have, as your business grows is the challenge of managing all your resources. As the number of your employees grows and your IT assets expand, it is difficult to ascertain exactly what and where all your assets are. It is important to get more visibility on what applications and services are running on each asset, how they interact, and the business impact if these resources are down, responding poorly or slowly, or jeopardized by security threats. Download white paper for free now !
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A Quiet Revolution - Online Accounting

A short whitepaper introducing the concept of online accounting and its impact on webbased coorporation.
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