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Water Security

World Economic Forum
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(The) Water and the Green Economy - Reader

UN-Water Decade Programme on Advocacy and Communication (UNW-DPAC). 2011 This reader is intended for all those interested in getting familiar with issues related to water and the Green Economy. It provides basic references for easy reading and some of the latest and most relevant United Nations publications on this issue. Links are provided when the publication is available online.
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Freshwater for the Future

What about water? “The achievement of all the Millennium Development Goals... hinges on the quality and quantity of available water as water plays a disproportionately powerful role through its impact on, among other things, food production and security, hygiene, sanitation and health and maintenance of ecosystem services.” Achim Steiner, Executive Director of UNEP
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Middle East Chronic Water Problems: Solution Prospects

Middle Eastern countries suffer from physical water scarcity and the neighboring regions in Africa, Europe and Latin America suffers from economic water scarcity. In addition the regions are of little or no water scarcity lie in Northern Eurasia and Antarctica. As a result of these differences, this paper will suggest ways in which concerned countries and professional organizations may take part in bridging the gap between such physical and economic water scarcities. A projected model of cooperation between Middle Eastern countries in terms of natural resources, cultural, economic, and social enterprises needs to be developed. In addition, International community has to take part in introducing solutions to conflicts of Arabs and Israel, Iraq, Iran, Cyprus, Afghanistan, and Yemen.
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