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This book is the product of the author's curiosity regarding the secrets behind good health and well being of a person even after the age of seventy. She was inspired by her neighbor's zest for life and her positive attitude during her advanced years. This prompted her to interview many seniors in Canada and in India to find out the secret to their well being and she found six most common elements. Even though the book starts with these, it also reveals interesting natural remedies used to cure some unique and simple ailments, the medicinal value of some herbs and spices, beauty and hair treatments and face masks used when Geetha was growing up, and then concludes with some healthy vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes. A fascinating component of this book is the real life stories from the author's experiences. Useful for young and old, men and women.
Category: Health & Fitness. ISBN: 9781611394399

Wellness Tourism

Core values of society, health and wellbeing impact today on all aspects of our lives, and have also increasingly influenced patterns of tourism consumption and production. In this context wellness has developed into a significant dimension of tourism in a number of new and long established destinations. However, although it is consistently referred to as one of the most rapidly growing forms of tourism worldwide there still remains a dearth of academic literature on this topic. This book uniquely focuses on the supply side of wellness tourism from a destination perspective in terms of the generation and delivery of products and services for tourists who seek to maintain and improve their health. This approach provides a better understanding of how wellness tourism destinations develop and explores the specific drivers of that growth in a destination context and how destinations successfully compete against each other in globalised market place. A range of wellness destination development and management issues are examined including the importance of authenticity, an appropriate policy framework, delivery of high quality goods and services, participation of a broad range of stakeholders and the development of networks and clusters as well as collaborative strategies essential for a successful development and management of a wellness tourism destination. International case studies and examples from established and new wellness tourism destinations are integrated throughout. This timely volume written by leaders in this sector will be of interest to tourism and hospitality students and academics internationally.
Category: TRAVEL. ISBN:

Quantum Wellness

Quantum Wellness is the idea that you can achieve a significant increase in the health of mind, body and spirit through small focused steps, which will, in turn, yield extraordinary changes in your life. None of us makes perfect choices all the time so, in this New York Times bestseller, Kathy Freston shows how small steps regarding how to eat, how to work, how to live in our imperfect bodies and how to stay positive can add up to significant breakthroughs in overall well-being. To do this, Freston advocates setting manageable goals - achieving a little one day a week, then two, then more - and building up to a complete programme that can incorporate all or some of the eight pillars of wellness: meditation, visualisation, fun activities, a diet of whole foods, exercise, helping others, considering yourself and spiritual practise. In combination, these will take perfect care of your mind, body and spirit, raising you to the pinnacle of wellness.

TIME Wellness

In the midst of the nonstop world we live in, maintaining wellness is essential to good health. This new special edition from the editors of TIME, Wellness: Finding a Healthier You, defines wellness with a multi-faceted approach, because everyone approaches the topic differently. Wellness looks at the current trends in wellness and a few fads, and breaks down wellness in "Wellness 101," which helps define the topic and provides guidelines for maintaining health and wellness at every age. Additional sections include: advice on how to talk about wellness with your doctor; "Living Well" and "Mind and Body," which tackle how to build a healthier, happier family; rules on clean eating; and some personal stories from people who have transformed their lives. We round out the special edition with the ultimate wellness quiz, just to make sure you were paying attention. Whether you are new to the idea of wellness, or want to bring a more balanced approach to a certain aspect of your life, Wellness is an excellent guide.

Reading Wellness

When teachers talk about what they want for students, "a love for reading" is inevitably near the top of the list. Even as they work to ensure students’ continuing progress as readers, what ignites passion more than anything is the chance to instill confidence, curiosity, and joy in students. In Reading Wellness , Jan Burkins and Kim Yaris will remind you why you became a teacher in the first place. They want children and teachers to thrive as readers, to feel the deep satisfaction that comes with meaningful encounters with texts. They define reading wellness as "weaving together all the facets of our reading lives .  .  .  so that we can be our best reading selves." Readers read for relaxation, for information, and for aesthetic experience, discovering favorite books and authors and learning to choose texts. For this to happen, teachers must teach in ways that create energy and enthusiasm for reading, even as they teach to required standards.  . Built around a framework of four intentions—alignment, balance, sustainability, and joy— Reading Wellness offers teachers a series of lessons that help children read closely and carefully while still honoring their interests, passions, and agency as readers. The lessons here, which have been field-tested in grades 1-5, are interconnected and empower classroom communities, are filled with anecdotes and insights, and are practical, sustainable, and frequently joyful.  . Reading Wellness encourages each teacher to shape these ideas in ways that support personal ideals and goals while nurturing a love of reading and a passion for lifelong learning.  
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines. ISBN: 9781625310156

Ultimate Wellness

Are you stuck in a health rut? Stressed out, overtired, overweight and under par. Maybe you sleep less and drink more than you should. You know you need to make changes now rather than wait for the big health crisis, but how? In Ultimate Wellness , Professor Kerryn Phelps AM, one of Australia's best-known and most respected GPs, shares her simple but effective 3-step approach to ultimate wellbeing. Kerryn shows you how to assess your health, make a plan for improvement and change your mindset to ensure you stick to your goals. She demonstrates how a little bit of effort, one step at a time, will make an enormous difference to how you feel. Along the way she provides answers to your most common health questions: How do I find the right health professional? What really works when it comes to weight loss? How do I integrate complementary and conventional treatments? Do I need to take vitamins and other supplements? How much exercise is ideal, and how much can I get away with? Why can't I get a good night's sleep? How much alcohol is too much? What can I do to overcome stress and fatigue? Informative, accessible and achievable, this is your complete plan for getting better, staying well and achieving ultimate wellness.
Category: Family & Relationships. ISBN: 9781742611921


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Category: Humor. ISBN: 3858204005

True Wellness

Independent Publisher IPPY Award BRONZE WINNER - 2019 Eric Hoffer Award MONTAIGNE MEDAL - 2019 Discover a path to optimal health, even in a complicated Western health-care system. True Wellness is a step-by-step guide to optimal health, blending the best of each medical tradition. The authors are both Western-educated physicians who also trained in Eastern medicine. They have more than sixty years of combined clinical experience and have helped thousands of people through the use of surgery, pharmaceuticals, acupuncture, herbs, qigong, tai chi, meditation, and lifestyle counseling.The authors have realized the conventional way of managing disease is unsustainable. They recognize that even as the high-tech accomplishments of Western medicine increase, the overall health of the nation continues to decline. In their own practices, however, they have discovered a path to optimal health, even in the complicated American health-care system.The secret is combining the strengths of both Western and Eastern medicine to achieve the unique health goals of each patient.With this book you will: Discover the strengths and benefits of both Eastern and Western medicine Treat and even overcome chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer, depression, weight loss, and heart disease Utilize journaling topics, questions, worksheets, checklists, and practical advice to prepare for and begin new, healthy behaviors Learn to create a multidisciplinary care team for a strong alliance between your Western health-care providers and Eastern practitionersThe authors explain how exercise, nutritious food, stress management, acupuncture, and qigong affect the body, so you can make healthier choices. To help you move forward on a new path, they provide practical advice and worksheets to start simple daily exercise routines, eat a plant-based diet, and begin qigong practice. True Wellness encourages individual responsibility and prepares you to take the first step on your healing journey. By combining ancient wisdom, cutting-edge scientific discoveries, and practical advice, this book will lead you through a transformation to true well-being in body, mind, and spirit.
Category: Health & Fitness. ISBN: 9781594396304

Wellness Counseling

This innovative text presents a comprehensive review of the theoretical and empirical support for a wellness approach to counseling with current techniques for client assessment, case conceptualization, treatment planning, and intervention. The authors provide holistic strategies for wellness promotion with children, adolescents, and young, midlife, and older adults, as well as in counseling with groups, couples, and families. Each chapter includes reflection questions, learning activities, and resources to deepen readers' understanding of the content and application to practice. Wellness boosters offer quick methods for clients and counselors to increase their domain-specific and overall well-being. In addition, experienced counselors share their personal experiences implementing wellness interventions in Practitioner Spotlight vignettes. A chapter on counselor self-care completes the book. Jonathan H. Ohrt, PhD, is an associate professor and counselor education program coordinator at the University of South Carolina. Philip B. Clarke, PhD, is an associate professor in the Department of Counseling at Wake Forest University. Abigail H. Conley, PhD, is an assistant professor in the Department of Counseling and Special Education, and an affiliate faculty member in the Institute for Women's Health, at Virginia Commonwealth University. *Requests for digital versions from the ACA can be found on wiley.com. *To request print copies, please visit the ACA website.
Category: Education. ISBN: 9781556203749

Complete Wellness

Enjoy long-lasting holistic health and prepare natural health remedies for common ailments with essential oils, herbal remedies, and pure foods. Complete Wellness delivers a head-to-toe guide to healing for every part of your body. Targeted instructions allow you to tap into the restorative powers of herbs and plants and their therapeutic essential oils and use tried-and-true, centuries-old herbal remedies to treat a host of common ailments. In addition to healing remedies, the book explores the key building blocks for optimizing health and well-being in each part of the body, pointing you to the top herbs, nutrients, and essential oils each area needs not only to stay well, but to reach the very peak of wellness--whether to boost circulation, enjoy glowing skin, balance gut flora, or maximize energy levels. Guidance is given on incorporating ingredients into everyday regimens, helping you to stay in optimal health. Follow step-by-step demonstrations on how to blend your own teas and tinctures; concoct all-natural-ingredient creams; create therapeutic aromatherapy oil blends; discover delicious recipes for wellness; and master a variety of other practical techniques and tips for lifelong well-being. Make the most of nature's resources with Complete Wellness .
Category: Health & Fitness. ISBN: 9781465463920
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