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The Impact of Welfare State Development on Social Trust Formation: an Empirical Investigation

Social trust is shaped by many society-level as well as individual-level factors. One of the determinants highly debated in literature is the welfare state which reflects the level of state intervention in organizing individuals' welfare. Theoretical as well as empirical studies are in their vast majority controversial with respect to the kind of effects welfare state may have on social trust formation. However, all of them have one element in common — they measure welfare state development through social spending. The main objective of this research consists of demonstrating that in order to precisely estimate this impact, it is necessary to introduce a new operationalization for welfare state development which would reflect the outcomes rather than the process of the state intervention into individuals' arrangements. The latter can be obtained by decomposing Esping-Andersen's welfare regime typology and directly evaluating the effects of decommodification and stratification on...
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Social Policy Essays - Welfare State Development

Social Policy Essays - Modern welfare state development is generally considered to lead to social security or benefits payments, social housing provision, health provision, social work and educational services.
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A Territorial Organization for a Welfare State

The Danish Territorial System for a Catalan Perspective - by Xavier Muñoz Torrent, geographer - Erasmus Programme 1989 - Barcelona / Kovenhaven / Lisboa - 30th June 1989
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No Rights Without Responsibility: Rebalancing the welfare state

By Matthew Oakley and Peter Saunders No Rights Without Responsibility argues that conditions on benefit claimants should be increased so that they have to spend more time each week looking for a job. With research from the DWP finding that the average jobseeker currently spends just one hour a day looking for work, the study recommends that current work search requirements should be expanded to make sure that claimants can stay in - or get into - the habits of a normal working lifestyle.
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Fringe of the Welfare State

In 2008 I received a grant from Temple University's Diamond Scholar program to complete a self-designed research project investigating the emergence of marginalized immigrant communities on the suburban border of Sweden's cities
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The future of the welfare state

Conference in Warsaw (6.09.2012)
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May 2005 National Governors Association ltr. supporting state welfare waiver, signed by Mitt Romney

August 2012- The Romney campaign has just released an ad claiming that President Obama is implementing a welfare policy that will, in effect, "repeal" the 1996 welfare reform law's welfare-to-work requirement. Firstly, this is patently untrue; the Obama administration policy does not remove the work requirement, in fact, it requires it for states who seek TANF waivers. Secondly, Mitt Romney, in 2005, supported this waiver policy; see his signature on this National Governors Association (NGA) letter to Senator Bill Frist.
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UK Unemployment Benefits Exhibition

Reminding people that Britain's welfare payments are well below Western average and about Jobcentre malpractices carried out against the poorest members of society. This document is in Adobe Reader 9 format.
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UK unemployment benefits compared

UK unemployment benefits compared to other industrialized developed countries
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Measuring Welfare for Small Vulnerable Groups

Welfare for Small Vulnerable Groups
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