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OHE Welfare Reform Guide

We have produced a guide to welfare reform to help communicate the changes to our customers
Uploaded by markswaddle on 10/31/2012
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Just Deserts? Attitudes to Fairness, Poverty and Welfare Reform

By Neil O'Brien Just Deserts? examines public attitudes towards fairness, poverty and welfare reform. What do we think “fairness” is? Extensive new research finds British voters believe that fairness is about getting what you deserve, not about equality. British people are strong believers in reciprocity: and want existing rights balanced by new responsibilities. The poll finds strong support for asking the long term unemployed to do community work in return for their benefits, and also support for a cap on child benefit. Reducing unemployment and cutting taxes on low earners are seen as the most important steps to a fairer Britain. Voters want politicians to tackle poverty, but want them to focus on its root causes - drug addiction, poor education and unemployment - rather than ‘papering over the cracks’ with cash transfers.
Uploaded by policyexchange on 04/24/2011
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Welfare reform and substance use - Policy briefing, July 2011

This policy briefing has been developed by the New Zealand Drug Foundation in response to the release of ‘Reducing Long-Term Benefit Dependency’, a report to the government by the Welfare Working Group (WWG). It reflects the Drug Foundation’s particular concerns about the recommendations made by the WWG to address the complex issue of substance use in people receiving welfare assistance.
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Welfare reform in Sandwell

Scale and distribution of estimated impacts of welfare reforms
Uploaded by sandwelltrends on 09/25/2012
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Welfare Reform Briefing

A briefing on the impact of the Welfare Reform Act on West Midlands Councils from January 2012
Uploaded by sandwelltrends on 03/24/2012
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Welfare reform impacts information pack

Information about impacts of welfare reform in Sandwell, including shaded ward maps
Uploaded by sandwelltrends on 12/11/2012
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Major Steps in welfare Reform

Major Steps in welfare Reform - White Paper
Uploaded by sepcic on 06/11/2011
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Benefit bee - welfare reform

Information leaflet regarding the welfare reform
Uploaded by severnvalehousing on 03/04/2013
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Welfare Reform Express Briefing Presentation

Slides for Express to SMBC staff, 12th December 2012
Uploaded by sandwelltrends on 12/11/2012
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A guide to Welfare Reform - 2nd edition

What you need to know about benefit changes.
Uploaded by taicalon on 01/31/2013
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