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Molecular weight effects on chain pull-out fracture of reinforced polymeric interfaces

Using Brownian dynamics, we simulate the fracture of polymer interfaces reinforced by diblock connector chains. We find that for short chains the interface fracture toughness depends linearly on the degree of polymerization $N$ of the connector chains, while for longer chains the dependence becomes $N^{3/2}$. Based on the geometry of initial chain configuration, we propose a scaling argument that accounts for both short and long chain limits and crossover between them.
Published on 09/23/2013
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Analytic expression for pull-or-jerk experiment

This work focuses on a theoretical analysis of a well-known inertia demonstration, which uses a weight suspended by a string with an extra string that hangs below the weight. The point in question is which string, the upper or lower, will break when pulling down on the bottom edge of the lower string at a constant pulling speed. An analytic solution for the equation of motion allows us to identify the critical value of the pulling speed, beyond which the string breaking varies from one to the other. The analysis also provides us a phase diagram that illustrates the interplay between the pulling speed and the string's elasticity in the pull-or-jerk experiment.
Published on 06/30/2018
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DTIC ADA505547: Shattering the Pull-Up Myth

The Marine Corps is a fighting organization whose purpose is combat readiness, and an essential aspect of combat readiness is physical conditioning. According to the Marine Corps' manual for physical fitness, physical conditioning should include strength training, which is defined as the ability of the muscular system to move the body through resistance... and the ability of Marines to effectively handle their own body weight. However, despite the requirement for strength training for all Marines, upper body development for female Marines is largely ignored. The Marine Corps' Physical Fitness Test (PFT) requires female Marines to perform a flexed arm hang, which does not demonstrate the ability to move the body through resistance. Women Marines should be required to perform pull-ups on the PFT to more accurately evaluate upper body strength, properly condition them for the possibility of combat, and eliminate differing requirements that can negatively impact unit cohesion.
Published on 07/22/2018
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ERIC ED207302: Weight Training for Wheelchair Sports.

The article examines weight lifting training procedures for persons involved in wheelchair sports. Popular myths about weight training are countered, and guidelines for a safe and sound weight or resistance training program are given. Diagrams and descriptions follow for specific weightlifting activities: regular or standing press, military press, behind the neck press, bench press, curl, reverse curl, upright rowing, rowing, pull over, and bent arm pull over. Supplementary exercises are noted in a concluding section. (CL)
Published on 01/30/2015
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This is an Operator's Manual for John Deere 550 Pull-Type Sprayer. Published March 1978; by the John Deere Equipment Company, OM-N159250 Issue JO; 52 pages. Dimensions are: 8 1/2" width by 11" height and weight 139grams. No copyright notice and no copyright registration; this document is Public Domain under Rule 5 of the U.S. Copyright Statutes. Ebook created by Gerard Arthus.
Published on 03/28/2010
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DTIC AD0723406: Trafficability of Soils. Supplement 19. Effects of Surface Conditions on Drawbar Pull of a Wheeled Vehicle

Tests were conducted with one wheeled vehicle to determine effects of soil surface conditions on drawbar pull and to relate optimum drawbar pull to soil strength as measured by a number of instruments. One hundred and six drawbar pull-slip tests were conducted with an M37 3/4-ton truck at a gross weight of 7240 lb. One tire size (9.00-16, 8-PR), two tread patterns (smooth and nondirectional military), and two tire deflections (15% and 35%) were tested. Surface conditions varied from dry and firm to wetted with small amounts of water to flooded. Asphalt surfaces also were tested. Measurements of soil strength were made with the standard cone penetrometer, multiprobe penetrometer, sheargraph, soil truss, and friction wheel. Analysis of data indicated that the multiprobe penetrometer and sheargraph show the most promise as instruments for measuring surface conditions and predicting vehicle performance. Equations were developed for predicting drawbar pull based on deflection and soil measurements with the sheargraph and multiprobe penetrometer.
Published on 02/04/2019
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Eat chocolate, lose weight : new science proves you should eat chocolate every day

Published on 05/21/2018
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This is an Operating Instructions and Parts Catalog for Dry Herbicide and Insecticide Attachment; Pull-Type and Tool-Bar Type Planters, Form No. 439 133 M2; Published July 1974; by White Tractor Company. Dimensions are: 8 1/2" width by 11" height and weight 41.1 grams; 56 pages. Created by Gerard Arthus and released into the Public Domain under the Creative Commons License Non-Attribute. http://OpenEducation.org Go to the above site to find out more about the digitization of this item and the on-going attempt to help make 'Knowledge' and 'Information' available to everyone, anywhere, at any time, for no cost. There are many forces at work which are attempting to turn 'Public Domain' information into a commodity which some can milk for a profit. This parasitic use of information which should be freely available for all to access is an Intellectual Crime and should not be tolerated. Hi-resolution images included.
Published on 07/18/2014
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NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS) 19930092725: Analysis of Effect of Rolling Pull-Outs on Wing and Aileron Loads of a Fighter Airplane

An analysis was made to determine the effect of rolling pull-out maneuvers on the wing and aileron loads of a typical fighter airplane, the P-47B. The results obtained indicate that higher loads are imposed upon wings and ailerons because of the rolling pull-out maneuver, than would be obtained by application of the loading requirements to which the airplane was designed. An increase of 102 lb or 15 percent of wing weight would be required if the wing were designed for rolling pull-out maneuver. It was also determined that the requirements by which the aileron was originally designed were inadequate.
Published on 03/11/2016
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DTIC ADA367876: Dynamic Strength Capabilities of Small Stature Females to Eject and Support Added Head Weight.

NAWCAD investigated the abilities of small stature females (=/< 120 lb) to fly under G-stress using the Dynamic Flight Simulator (DFS) and its tactical fight/attack cockpit, displays and controls. Determine ability to exert NACES ejection seat actuation pull force under static, acceleration and simulated flight conditions; support up to 5 lb of added head weight (AHW) under catapult, arrestment, and aerial combat maneuver G-loads; and reach all controls. Ten subjects (six small stature females, on medium female and three males) participated. The AHW task included three helmet weights, 3.5 lb (standard configuration), 4.25 lb and 5 lb and subjects were tasked to accurately read cockpit displays. Muscular exertion and fatigue (arm, shoulder, neck) assessment used EMG. Women successfully ejected using a two-hand grip under G-stress. Subjects read all displays supporting 5 lb under +6 Gz. Most small stature female subjects could not fully support their heads wearing 3.5 lb helmet during flat spin conditions. Human factors deficiencies were noted in the areas of torso harness fit, inertia reel placement relative to shoulder width, and the ability maintain a full range of stick motion. Within the scope of these tests, small stature females demonstrated the strength to safely initiate ejection during severe physically taxing dynamic conditions but had difficulty supporting AHW under -Gx stress. Cockpit accommodation and pilot reach limits may hinder the small stature pilot during flight emergencies.
Published on 04/24/2018
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