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Zoolz is the only cloud solution that keeps your data even when you disconnect your drives

Cloud Computing - Leading from the front

Cloud Computing has been a hot topic and the word "Cloud Computing" has been used lot more often, but what is"Cloud Computing" and why you should learn more about it? To know more about Cloud Computing and to explore the challenges and opportunities that it presents, take a few minutes to attend this Netmagic Solutions Webinar on 20th July 2012 at 11:00 am.
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Webinar - Cloud Computing - Have I secured my cloud?

Cloud Computing - Have I secured my cloud? Take a few minutes to attend this webinar as Karan Kirpalani and Gopan Joshi, Cloud Product Team will address many of the concerns regarding cloud.
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Valuable Ideas For Advertising and marketing On The Web

It's insufficient currently to merely put a web si...
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Useful Recommendations For Marketing On The Web

It's inadequate nowadays to simply set a site on t...
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Helpful Recommendations For Advertising and marketing On The Web

It's inadequate currently just to place a site on ...
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Towards a Healthy Cloud, Cloud Computing Solutions for the Dutch Healthcare Sector

Research thesis report of the MBI master at Utrecht University. The research was carried out in collaboration with E.Novation
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Making the Cloud Concrete

Presented in July 2011 at a IBM-sponsored Focus.com webinar, this presentation describes the state of cloud computing in the SMB market and outlines considerations and challenges facing SMBs as they move to this new service model.
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Lifting the Fog on Cloud - Cloud Computing

"There’s a massive Cloud build-up on the horizon and the forecast promises a rain of benefits for the enterprise. ‘Cloud’ is no more a buzzword. The enabling power of the Cloud is helping enterprises transform the way they do business. Winning in today’s market needs agility, flexibility, efficiency, innovation, and cost-effectiveness. With IT as the game-changer, enterprises need to turn to the Cloud to gain breakout opportunities. The burning question today is no longer ‘Whether or not to adopt the Cloud’. Instead, the query is: ‘What is the right approach to maximize business value from the Cloud?’ Read the whitepaper to know why an Enterprise needs a proven Cloud Ecosystem Integrator as their navigator on the Cloud Journey."
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Cloud Computing and Digital Libraries - First Perspectives on a Future Technological Alliance

“Cloud-computing” is emerging as a relevant computing paradigm aiming to be the technology that will mark the difference between Web2.0 and Web3.0. “Cloud-Computing” architecture features are pushing all the data and services to the Web and the added value in this transition may be used by a new generation of digital libraries where services and data coexist transparently “in the cloud”. The “cloud” may now be seen as a collection of networked features. Traditional digital libraries architectures may benefit with this new concept and lead to a new implementation model: “cloud libraries”.
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Webinar on The Changing Compliance Needs for Open Source Software

In this webinar Palamida CEO, Mark Tolliver will discuss how the compliance landscape is changing as these open source and commercial options multiply. We will discuss terminology, common pitfalls, open source and commercial license issues, as well as ways to mitigate these issues.
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