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Increasing the reslience of the UK water sector to climate change

Christopher Harris, University of Birmingham, UK--- Increasing the reslience of the UK water sector to climate change using probabilistic weather generator information
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Preventing Corruption in the Water Sector

- New Policy Brief from WGF: Preventing Corruption in the Water Sector
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Climate Change Adaptation in the Water Sector

Today’s climate variability already has a large impact on water supply and protection. Millions of people are affected every year by droughts and floods. Future climate change is likely to make things worse.
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Corruption in the Water Sector

Stålgren, P. Corruption in the Water Sector: Causes, Consequences and Potential Reform. Swedish Water House Policy Brief Nr. 4. SIWI, 2006. Visit www.swedishwaterhouse.se or www.siwi.org to download this or other titles. A primer for individuals as well as central governments in developed and developing countries, sub-sovereign national bodies, companies, universities and research institutes, community organisations, non-governmental organisations, inter-governmental organisations, banks and private investors, aid donors, multilateral financial institutions, UN agencies and other international organisations.
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Apex Bodies: The Coordinating Eye Behind Water Sector Reforms

For a country to adopt successful and lasting nationwide reforms in the water sector, its government needs somebody with the expertise and vision to draw up a road map toward reform, then set the government on course and oversee that each effort successfully achieves its objective. That somebody is an apex body. This brief defines national water sector apex bodies, outlines ADB's support to apex bodies, and explains how to address needs for apex bodies to succeed.
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Romania-Bulgaria :The Water Sector

Water sector survey
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Regulating for a sustainable water sector

This report outlines recommendations for reforms to the regulatory regime governing the water industry to ensure that it can contribute fully to integrated and sustainable river basin management. We call on the government to reform the water regulation framework to enable it to meet the challenges of climate change, growing demand for water and poor water quality.
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Fighting Corruption in the water Sector - UNDP

Fighting Corruption in the water Sector - Methods, Tools and Good Practices, UNDP
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News from the SA water sector - September 2012

Water Research Commission - South Africa 2012 Volume 11 No 5 September/October
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Water Sector in Small Urban Centres: Analysis of donor flows to water supply and sanitation services

This paper presents an analysis of Official Development Assistance (ODA) flows to the water and sanitation sector, based on data gathered from the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) and Creditor Reporting Systems (CRS) databases.
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