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Israeli-Palestinian Cooperation on Water Issues

Water is one of the most basic resources and because of the fact that this resource crosses political borders, efficient usage of this natural resource demands cooperation between neighbouring political entities. Without such cooperation, water is likely to become a source of conflict. - The Knesset : The Research and Information Center
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Drinking Water issues

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Water Issues

Contributing to the Success of the eighteenth and nineteenth sessions of the Commission on Sustainable Development . An input from UN-Water and the United Nations Secretary-General’s Advisory Board on Water and Sanitation to the fourth implementation cycle of the Commission on Sustainable Development
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.Water Rights and Water Allocation: Issues and Challenges for Asia

As governments across Asia are searching for ways to increase water security for rural and urban water uses, the need to articulate water rights and improve water allocation practices is rapidly becoming a priority issue to them. The process is made more complex by rapid urbanization, climate change, and other drivers of change. With the support of the Network of Asian River Basin Organizations (NARBO), practitioners are discovering what role they can play in avoiding and solving problems among stakeholders, and in building an enabling environment for integrated water resources management in river basins.
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Emerging water research issues and the need for cross disciplinarity

University of Pretoria
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Drinking Water

Water is one of those things that people usually take for granted—until it is either gone or unsuitable to drink. In 2007, residents in the southeastern United States were forced to take notice of water when extreme drought swept across the region. With no rain clouds on the horizon for months on end, lawns were shriveling and long-standing reservoirs were being sucked dry. Restaurants began using paper plates to avoid having to wash dishes. In Athens, Georgia, fans at the University of Georgia's homecoming football game were asked not to flush the toilets: stadium attendants were even hired to moderate flushing in a desperate effort to save water. It was the southeast's most extreme drought on record.
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II Report on the State of the Alps: Water and water management issues - Long version

II Report on the State of the Alps: Water and water management issues Year of publication: 2009 Publisher(s): Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention
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Global Water Framework PART 1

Outcomes of the 5th World Water Forum, Istanbul 2009 Published by: World Water Council; Secretariat of the 5th World Water Forum; Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Date: August 2009
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How can we increase the world's access to Clean Water

Access to Clean drinking Water
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Water : catalyst for cooperation

The water problems facing our world need not be only a cause of tension; they can also be a catalyst for cooperation. ...If we work together, a secure and sustainable water future can be ours.” Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary-General, World Water Day, 22 March 2002
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