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Water and Development

Development patterns, increasing population pressure, and the demand for better livelihoods in many parts of the globe all contribute to a steadily deepening global water crisis. Development redirects, consumes, and pollutes water. It also causes changes in the state of natural water reservoirs, directly by draining aquifers and indirectly by melting glaciers and the polar ice caps. Maintaining a sustainable relationship between water and development requires that current needs be balanced against the needs of future generations.
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Charting our water future

Charting Our Water Future is a report of the 2030 Water Resources Group, which was formed in 2008 to contribute new insights to the increasingly critical issue of water resource scarcity. Members include McKinsey & Company, the World Bank Group, and a consortium of business partners: The Barilla Group, The Coca Cola Company, Nestlé SA, New Holland Agriculture, SAB Miller PLC, Standard Chartered and Syngenta AG.
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Global Water Framework PART 1

Outcomes of the 5th World Water Forum, Istanbul 2009 Published by: World Water Council; Secretariat of the 5th World Water Forum; Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Date: August 2009
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How can we increase the world's access to Clean Water

Access to Clean drinking Water
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Water : catalyst for cooperation

The water problems facing our world need not be only a cause of tension; they can also be a catalyst for cooperation. ...If we work together, a secure and sustainable water future can be ours.” Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary-General, World Water Day, 22 March 2002
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Berg Water Project

Communication is central to multistakeholder dialogue and partnerships needed to achieve sustainability and governance reform in water resource management and infrastructure provision. The case study identifies current practice, offers advice on capacity building in an operational setting; and draws insights and lessons from experience.
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Choosing Water Treatment Companies for Water Purification

Water, the most basic of all resources, has become a rare substance. Add to this the present state of pollution and contamination; it has become literally impossible to get pure water in our rivers and water bodies.
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Alkaline Antioxidant Water is Beneficial to the Whole Family

Humans should replace the body fluids they used in doing every one of the different actions they indulge in every day. Nothing at all does this job greater than the usual clean and cold cup of water. Today, nonetheless, several individuals who try to find much better and much more effective approaches on how they will promote their total well being and fitness have started drinking alkaline antioxidant water.
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Water Policy of the Future – what can we learn from 30 years of experience?

Jon Lane spoke about the politics of water and sanitation in developing countries over the past 30 years, referencing various shifts in approach and the International Year of Sanitation.
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Exploring the value of water stewardship standards for water security in Africa

Dr Nick Hepworth, Water Witness International, UK --- Exploring the value of water stewardship standards for water security in Africa
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