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waste collection solutions

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Optimizing Waste Collection In An Organized Industrial Region: A Case Study

In this paper we present a case study which involves the design of a supply chain network for industrial waste collection. The problem is to transport metal waste from 17 factories to containers and from containers to a disposal center (DC) at an organized region of automobile parts suppliers. We applied the classic mixed-integer programming (MIP) model for the two-stage supply chain to the solution of this problem. The visualization of the optimal solution provided us with several interesting insights that would not be easily discovered otherwise.
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Strathcona County 2012 Waste Collection Calendar

The Green Routine waste collection and recycling collection calendar for 2012.
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Strathcona County 2012 Waste collection calendar

Waste collection, recycling schedule and tips.
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Easy Waste Collection

Skiplift provides a wide range of economically priced skip hire services within the Greater Manchester area.
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A Guide To Waste Collection

Chnages in the law & government rulings means higher cost to Hospitality outlets. Crowd Purchasing has used its buying power to offer a great deal and solution.
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2011 Recycling & Waste Collection Calendar

The Town of Aurora's 2011 Recycling & Waste Collection Calendar.
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Garden Waste Collection Service

Pembrokeshire County Council Garden Waste Collection Service
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Human waste collection system

Senior Capstone
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Waste not, want not: a collection of responses to the Government

In November 2002 the government's strategy unit published Waste Not, Want Not, the result of its investigation into the challenges facing the UK if we are to achieve the much-needed transformation of our waste management practices. At the same time the chancellor made announcements in the Pre-Budget Report that gave effect to some of the strategy unit's key recommendations. The broad reaction from outside government to these announcements has been positive. Green Alliance has commissioned this set of responses to Waste Not, Want Not to demonstrate the broad support for action from government on waste. The responses reflect the views of all the key players in the waste and resources debate: the waste management industry, waste producers, local government, consultants, NGOs, academics, householders and the regulators. Of course, the government cannot solve the UK's waste problem single-handedly or overnight but it must implement the framework that allows other players to act.
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