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Personal Wardrobe Stylist in Melbourne Gives Fashion Stylist Courses

If you live in the Melbourne area, love helping people feel great about themselves, and enjoy fashion, you should consider taking fashion style courses. These courses can help you refine your knowledge of different styles for different people and can help you start an increasingly popular career.
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Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist "Renaldo Nehemiah"

Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist to the Stars
Uploaded by mrceoatlanta27 on 05/04/2010
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Wardrobe Stylist

Styling Portfolio
Uploaded by retrofitted on 04/19/2011
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The Stylist Handbook Winter 2010 Vol 1.2

The Stylist Handbook is a quarterly magazine specific for fashion, wardrobe, image, style, prop and merchandising within fashion, lifestyle, beauty and entertainment. Each season the publication interviews key stylists, celebrities, costume designers, professionals, designers, agencies, showrooms. With feature stories on up-and-coming designers, current topics and concerns of a fashion and wardrobe stylist. The mission of the Stylist Handbook is to provide the fashion styling community with positive, informative information and access to influential resources. Through supplying our readers, of professional and aspiring stylists, with a medium to gather together in support of the profession and each other. Founded by Fashion Stylist and Journalist Devon Poer and published by The Couture House, LLC. All rights reserved. Copyrights 2010.
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The Stylist Handbook

The Stylist Handbook is an organization dedicated to the growth and education of fashion and wardrobe stylists, we provide resources and materials to help stylists succeed in the business of styling. Volume 3 Features: Hauler Dulce Candy, Actress Janelle Ortiz, Fashion Stylist & Costume Designer Randall Christensen, Fashion Designers Izmaylova, Timmy Woods, Moods of Norway, Suss Designs, Matisse Footwear, Eco Stylist Taryn Hipwell, Musicians UNA, Infinite Studio, Makeup Artist Melanie Mills, Wardrobe Stylist Margaret Spencer and Showroom Directory.
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Playing in the Dark

Photographer: David Solomini Wardrobe Stylist: Rod Novoa Wardrobe Stylist Assistant: Michael Tucker Hair/Mua: Aeriel Payne Camera Assistant: Ben Gamer Video DP: Raphael Laski
Uploaded by alistinternational on 08/11/2010
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Wardrobe Vol 9

A Portfolio To View Vol 9 is a collection of my work styling wardrobe for photography featuring clothing and accessories in creative situations.
Uploaded by pattelaustylist on 02/28/2009
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Is it time for a Wardrobe Makeover

Most people only wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time. They may have a wardrobe bursting with clothes and drawers full to the brim, but still have difficulty in finding anything to wear.
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Wardrobe Vol 8

A Portfolio To View Vol 8 is a collection of my work styling wardrobe for photography featuring clothing and accessories in several creative situations.
Uploaded by pattelaustylist on 02/16/2009
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Tags: color · props · cake · stylist · expressive · wardrobe

Wardrobe Vol 6

A Portfolio To View Vol 6 is a collection of my work styling wardrobe for photography featuring clothing, accessories and lifesyle situations.
Uploaded by pattelaustylist on 04/30/2008
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