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// The vulnerable Nikel
Vulnerable Nikel
Uploaded by gudrunjona on 01/18/2012
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Ex-ante policy impact assessment vis-à-vis vulnerable groups in South Eastern Europe
2009 -- Author(s): Arkadi Toritsyn. The purpose of this Guide is to support SEE countries in institutionalization of ex-ante policy assessment with particular focus on vulnerable groups. The Guide has been designed to offer an overview of ex-ante policy assessment tools and data sources when read cover-to-cover. It can be used also as a reference tool for specific needs and can be consulted on an as needed basis.
Uploaded by undp_in_europe_cis on 09/01/2009
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Becoming Vulnerable in Detention
Based on interviews with 685 asylum seekers and undocumented migrants detained in 21 EU countries, the report reveals the widespread physical and mental health damage done to individuals in detention. The report is the result of an 18-month project with 23 NGO partners, with co-funding from the European Commission's "European Refugee Fund".
Uploaded by jrseurope on 10/31/2011
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Increasing Savings and Solidarity among Households with Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Rwanda
This learning paper looks at linking the Savings and Internal Lending Communities (SILC) methodology with orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) programming in Rwanda. CRS Rwanda introduced SILC to help households headed by OVC to build financial assets and complement current OVC programming, with the intent to provide OVC households with reliable and safe financial services as well as an avenue for basic financial education.
Uploaded by catholicreliefservices on 06/14/2011
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Vulnerable Persons Protection Policy
Creative Arts North's Vulnerable Persons Protection Policy
Uploaded by creativeartsnorth on 07/24/2009
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Climate Vulnerable Forum 2011 Outcome Notes
Climate Vulnerable Forum 2011 Outcome Notes
Uploaded by daraint on 11/28/2011
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Climate Vulnerable Forum at Rio+20: Discussion Notes
Climate Vulnerable Forum at Rio+20: Discussion Notes
Uploaded by daraint on 06/17/2012
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Adopted Dhaka Declaration of the Climate Vulnerable Forum
Adopted Dhaka Declaration of the Climate Vulnerable Forum
Uploaded by daraint on 11/12/2011
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Orphans and Vulnerable Children Wellbeing Tool
The Orphans and Vulnerable Children Wellbeing Tool was developed to serve as a fast, easy method of securing data about the overall wellbeing of children in OVC programs.
Uploaded by catholicreliefservices on 05/30/2011
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Procedures for the Protection Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults (POVA)
child protection POVA procedure
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