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Making Peace with the World: Photographs of Peace Corps Volunteers

In June 2009, Richard Sitler embarked on an epic journey to document Peace Corps Volunteers serving communities around the world. Over the next two years, Richard would find himself traversing the planet while staying with Peace Corps Volunteers, experiencing their communities and work sites, and documenting what it’s like to be a Volunteer in the modern Peace Corps. Volunteers today are no longer required to conform to the stereotypical image of young idealists giving up their comfortable lives to live in a grass hut. Rather, Richard discovers Volunteers are using modern technology, such as laptops and cell phones, to not only enrich their experience, but to impact their community as well. He sees how retired professionals bring years of experience and knowledge to their organizations. And how, as it always has been, Volunteers are changing lives while being forever changed themselves.
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FPL Volunteers Help Restore Historic Three Chimneys Plantation in Ormond Beach

This event was just one in a series of activities conducted this week as part of FPL’s fourth annual Power to Care initiative. More than 900 volunteers, consisting of employees and their families, participated in 22 community volunteer projects throughout Florida, including the Three Chimneys project.
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DK Survival Guide - Denmark step-by-step for EVS Volunteers

The aim of the book was to create a guide for EVS volunteers in Denmark made by young Danish ex-volunteers with the intention to help, inform and make volunteer life more fun, less complicated and more enjoyable Authors: a group of former Danish EVS-volunteers. Promoter: association EVX Denmark
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Volunteers inScouting - Toolkit 2

This document, “Volunteers in Scouting Toolkit 2 - Recruiting and Retaining Adult Volunteers” (WOSM, 2009), emphasises the need for a comprehensive approach to managing all stages of the Adult Volunteer life cycle in order to attract and retain the adults we need to enable us to deliver the Mission of Scouting. It focuses on ensuring we recruit the right Adult Volunteers and then helping them to form a bond with the Association so that they may stay with us longer.
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Year 2011 in Volunteers Centre Skopje in facts and numbers

Year 2011 in Volunteers Centre Skopje in facts and numbers is overview of activities which took place or started in Volunteers Centre Skopje during the year 2011 – moments from local as international projects, quotes from EVS volunteers as participants and much more can be find inside. If there any additional questions feel free to contact us: [email protected]
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Valley Volunteers 2012

A supplement to the Jackson Hole News&Guide revealing engaging stories for our community volunteers.
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National Volunteers Week 2013

Honouring the many dedicated volunteers in our community!
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2012 Tennessee Volunteers Tennis

2012 Tennessee Volunteers Tennis
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Poverty Over: Volunteers Pack

Our unique and highly distnguished volunteers pack is for people who want to move beyond the realm of words and into the realm of action. It is for the difference maker, the one who wants to contribute something great to mankind. It offers a number of amazing yet easy roles offering vast amounts of work experience. We also offers a very respectable certification system which you can put on your C.V and impress employers with.
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Meet the 6th group of 2012 ORM volunteers

Have a look inside at an inspiring bunch of people from group 6 of 2012 ORM volunteers. Thank you for your dedication!
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