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Professional Activities of Graduates of Higher and Vocational Education Institutions

The study sampled the main problems and barriers of professional operation after graduation of graduates of Latvia’s higher and vocational education institutions for 2002/2003 and 2004/2005 academic years. Life event history analysis has been used in the research, which required a special data collection format with precise history start and finish time. Multi-factorlogical regression models as well as “survival” analysis methods were used in order to determine factors and differences of graduates’ aligning with their profession. Quantitative analysis, experts’ interviews and discussions provide a possibility to make conclusions regarding the necessity for the education institutions’ graduate monitoring. It is necessary to strengthen career education and consulting for improvement of professional preparation. ISBN 978-9984-993 0-3-4
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Vocational education and training in Ghana

This research report, produced by the City & Guilds Centre for Skills Development, surveyed the attitudes and perceptions of young people, parents, training providers and a range of employers to vocational education and training to shed light on some of the issues affecting the sector in Ghana.
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Vocational Education & Training in Fiji

2007 Update on Vocational Education & Training in Fiji
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Insights: the role of coaching in vocational education and training

The City & Guilds Centre for Skills Development (CSD) think that as part of vocational learning coaching can play a role in promoting excellent workplace performance. This is the focus of CSD’s latest publication: Insights: The role of coaching within vocational education and training.
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Swiss Vocational Education and Training Adapted for India

SkillSonics enhances competitiveness of customer companies by imparting global level skills to their entry-level and existing technicians. Our vocational courses draw from Swiss content and pedagogy. The Swiss Vocational Education and Training (VET) model produces skilled workers who are considered to be the backbone of Switzerland’s thriving economy and competitive strength.
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Promotion of the Use of ICT in Technical and Vocational Education and Training in CIS countries

IITE has published an analytical report “Promotion of the Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in CIS countries”, prepared in the framework of the joint project of the Intergovernmental Foundation for Educational, Scientific and Cultural Cooperation (IFESCCO) and the UNESCO IITE.
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Internationalisation and Mobility in European Vocational Education and Training

Internationalisation and Mobility in European Vocational Education and Training
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Pre-Employment Vocational Education and Training in Korea

This paper explores recent Korean data to analyze the labor market outcomes of pre-employment VET institutions.
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Vocational Education

Text and activities
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2012 Research || Vocational Training Market in India 2012 'Aarkstore.com'

Vocational training market in India was valued at INR 90 bn in 2011 and is slated to grow at a CAGR of 23%. Government has set a target of preparing 500 mn skilled workers by 2022, as around 75-80 mn jobs will be created over the next 5 years and 75% of them will require vocational training.
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