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It is 1942 and Denmark is occupied by German troops. A young woman is invited to spend the summer with people she barely knows in a cottage on the North Sea coast. There she meets two people who will affect her entire life: a fourteen-year-old boy who is the nephew of her hosts, and an English airman who is shot down over the marshlands nearby. Timid friendships develop into a dangerous triangle, and many years later an elderly man looks back on it all asking himself whether his youthful desire gave way to an unforgivable betrayal.Virginia is a sensitive, deeply moving love story about the intricacies of relationships in the troubled twentieth century, written with Grondahl's incomparable, perceptive sympathy.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781841954103

Virginia-born novelist Ellen Glasgow played a leading role in helping Southern literature move away from the idealized, romantic portraits that were common in the nineteenth century, and toward a more gritty, realistic, nuanced view of the region.The Virginia of this book's title is a woman, Virginia Pendleton, who strives throughout her life to live up to the ideal of Southern femininity, but it's a guise that ultimately does her more harm than good.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781776599424

Virginia lives on a small farm with her horse, Diamond. She likes the company of men, but doesn't want a permanent, exclusive relationship. She's resolved to take no husband to her bedwithout his wife's permission. She's mistress to successful businessman Peter, and model and mistress to artist Mick. Then she encounters the Southwicks When Diamond falls ill, both her men want to marry her. How can she pay the vet's bills and retain her precious independence?
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781611601862

To understand how the United States came together as a nation, students must first acquaint themselves with the original 13 colonies - and how each of these colonies followed its own path to the ratification of the Constitution. Each book in this set highlights the people, places, and events that were important to the development of each colony.
Category: Philosophy. ISBN: 9780816054169

Gavin Maxwell
Gavin Maxwell was a romantic, self-destructive, aristocratic adventurer who worked as secret agent, shark fisherman, racing driver, poet and travel writer. His books on Iraq, Sicily and Morocco were acclaimed, but his fame as a writer rested on his bestselling story of the otters he raised and lived with in a remote cottage on the west coast of Scotland, Ring of Bright Water. Maxwell's private life was every bit as turbulent. His essential homosexuality was masked by the love of a number of women, for whom he was a serially unsatisfactory partner. This authorized biography is a magnificent evocation of the man, his time and the animals and places that formed such an important part of it. Never was the simple life of a nature-loving conservationist pursued by so complicated a character.
Category: Biography & Autobiography. ISBN: 9781780601069

Maxwell Equation
How can one determine the physical properties of the medium or the geometrical properties of the domain by observing electromagnetic waves? To answer this fundamental problem in mathematics and physics, this book leads the reader to the frontier of inverse scattering theory for electromagnetism. The first three chapters, written comprehensively, can be used as a textbook for undergraduate students. Beginning with elementary vector calculus, this book provides fundamental results for wave equations and Helmholtz equations, and summarizes the potential theory. It also explains the cohomology theory in an easy and straightforward way, which is an essential part of electromagnetism related to geometry. It then describes the scattering theory for the Maxwell equation by the time-dependent method and also by the stationary method in a concise, but almost self-contained manner. Based on these preliminary results, the book proceeds to the inverse problem for the Maxwell equation. The chapters for the potential theory and elementary cohomology theory are good introduction to graduate students. The results in the last chapter on the inverse scattering for the medium and the determination of Betti numbers are new, and will give a current scope for the inverse spectral problem on non-compact manifolds. It will be useful for young researchers who are interested in this field and trying to find new problems. Sample Chapter(s). Chapter 1: Vector calculus. Request Inspection Copy.
Category: Science. ISBN: 9789813232693

Maxwell: Plays Three
Three beautifully written plays for young people, by award-winning playwright and poet Glyn Maxwell. Contains the plays Alice In Wonderland, Wind In The Willows , and Merlin and the Woods of Time .
Category: Drama. ISBN: 9781786824028

Maxwell Land Grant
When the United States acquired New Mexico by invasion and conquest on August 15, 1846, it inherited a land grant problem of considerable magnitude. This problem continued for decades until 1870 when the United States Congress suddenly declined to act at all on any New Mexico grant claim. Among the grants that had been confirmed, however, was the Miranda and Beaubien, or Maxwell Land Grant, and that is the dominant theme of this book. Originally made in 1841 to Guadalupe Miranda and Charles Beaubien under Mexican rule, the Maxwell Land Grant was determined to embrace almost two million acres of land2,460 square miles. Politicians, Indians, courts, ministers of the gospel, early day settlers, and soldiers, all had their place in the story of the Grant. Governor Manuel Armijo, the last chief executive under Mexican rule, Padre Martinez of Taos, Lucien B. Maxwell, Kit Carson, Charles Ben, Dick Wootton and many another old timer live again in these pages that read like fiction but are, in fact, totally true accounts. WILLIAM A KELEHER (18861972) observed first hand the changing circumstances of people and places of New Mexico. Born in Lawrence, Kansas, he arrived in Albuquerque two years later, with his parents and two older brothers. The older brothers died of diphtheria within a few weeks of their arrival. As an adult, Keleher worked for more than four years as a Morse operator, and later as a reporter on New Mexico newspapers. Bidding a reluctant farewell to newspaper work, Keleher studied law at Washington & Lee University and started practicing law in 1915. He was recognized as a successful attorney, being honored by the New Mexico State Bar as one of the outstanding Attorneys of the Twentieth Century. One quickly observes from his writings, and writings about him, that he lived a fruitful and exemplary life. He is also the author of Turmoil in New Mexico, Violence in Lincoln County, The Fabulous Frontier, and Memoirs, all from Sunstone Press.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9780865346192

Inventing Elsa Maxwell
One of the twentieth century's most colorful characters brought back to life in this biography by the author of All About All About Eve With Inventing Elsa Maxwell , Sam Staggs has crafted a landmark biography. Elsa Maxwell (1881-1963) invented herselfnot once, but repeatedly. Built like a bulldog, she ascended from the San Francisco middle class to the heights of society in New York, London, Paris, Venice, and Monte Carlo. Shunning boredom and predictability, Elsa established herself as party-giver extraordinaire in Europe with come-as-you-are parties, treasure hunts (e.g., retrieve a slipper from the foot of a singer at the Casino de Paris), and murder parties that drew the ire of the British parliament. She set New York a-twitter with her soirees at the Waldorf, her costume parties, and her headline-grabbing guest lists of the rich and royal, movie stars, society high and low, and those on the make all mixed together in let-'er-rip gaiety. All the while, Elsa dashed off newspaper columns, made films in Hollywood, wrote bestselling books, and turned up on TV talk shows. She hobnobbed with friends like Noel Coward and Cole Porter. Late in life, she fell in love with Maria Callas, who spurned her and broke Elsa's heart. Her feud with the Duchess of Windsor made headlines for three years in the 1950s. Inventing Elsa Maxwell , the first biography of this extraordinary woman, tells the witty story of a life lived out loud.
Category: Biography & Autobiography. ISBN: 9781250038234

The Maxwell Daily Reader
The Maxwell Daily Readerdraws its unique power from an ageless truth: the heart of leadership is created through actions, put into practice one day at a time. Inside, each day's message will equip you with the inspiration and advice to unlock every bit of your leadership potential.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9781400203390
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