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Let's unite for our dignity, respect and build solidarity against VAW
WOREC Nepal advocates for: • Enactment of comprehensive law against VAW • Creation of fast track court for speedy judgment on VAW • Immediate ammendment of rape law and procedure of investigation on law • Independent complaints and support mechanism on VAW cases
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ANBESHI 2011 : A year Book on Violence Against Women
This year’s Anbeshi once again stresses how complex the issue of violence against women is. The research shows how VAW is intricately linked with larger ideas of masculinity and femininity and their manifestation in extremely private spaces such as one’s home or public spaces such as the work place. The ways in which social violence is effected through a woman’s body and sanctioned by the state makes violence against women a form of political violence. In this background, the active role of the women’s movement can help create an environment for the state to address VAW issues comprehensively and ingently.
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16 days Activism on violence against women 2012
WOREC Nepal is organizing different programs from community level to National level in solidarity to eliminate VAW all over the world like previous years. The main objective of celebrating this activism is to acknowledge and institutionalize the achievements accomplished in the past by organizing different programs from the perspectives of women's liberation and the commitment to end VAW.
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Facts on Violence Against Women (VAW) in Nepal
Violence against women is a pervasive problem in Nepal. However access to justice is becoming merely a dream inspite of the commitment from the State together with support both internationally and nationally. Failure to implement a proper monitoring and implementation system by the Government of Nepal, it has become very difficult for survivors to get support, justice and a conducive environment. Violence such as live burning after alleging as being a witch, rampant cases of sexual violence's specially among young girls, failure to protect rights of women migrant workers going abroad and violence upon their return are becoming a usual phenomena in the country. Recent cases of rape of a returnee migrant by a police officer and looting her hard earn money by Immigration Officers can be taken as one example among others.
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Migration and Women
Fact Sheet on Migration and Women
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May 11, 2012 -- Penny Press
The Penny Press is USS Abraham Lincoln's (CVN 72) command newspaper. It is used to distribute news and information to the crew and their families.
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As You [2]
In this edition, diverse and interesting articles are represented a propos civic society, human rights, sexual health, gender issues and history, culture and other topics. You may find a new section in the e-magazine – “Hero”, which will systematically tell about those people who have their distinctive input in the process of the shaping of the civic society and in other areas. This time, “Hero” section tells about Hovhannes Madoyan, the co-founder of “Real World, Real People” NGO. You may also get acquainted with various activities that some organizations undertook, use the services they provide, as well as become the part of the upcoming events.
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Feb. 10, 2012 -- Penny Press
The Penny Press is USS Abraham Lincoln's (CVN 72) command paper. It is used to spread news and information to the crew and their families.
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VAW-123: “Rulers of the Planet”
USS ENTERPRISE, At Sea – Each of the seven squadrons embarked aboard aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN 65) as part of Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 1 has a specialty. Each possesses an elite and unique capability that they use to contribute to the strike group and, ultimately, the mission. While in flight, having a complete picture of the surroundings is essential for any pilot to successfully complete their mission. This is where the Screwtops of Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron (VAW) 123 come in. They are the eyes and ears of the strike group during flight operations and it’s a job they do well, as they have for more than four decades.
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Facts on violence against women in Nepal
iolence against Women is disturbingly, a growing trend in Nepal. The scope and extent of violence against women are reflections of the degree and persistence of discrimination that women have been continuously facing.
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