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Value in Public Services
By Rhodri Davies This report argues that a new concept of value is needed to form the basis for reform of public services. We identify five elements of value against which services should be judged: • User valueValue to wider groups (such as family or friends of service users) • Political value (support to the democratic process, e.g. through co-planning of services with users and other stakeholders) • Social value (creation of social cohesion or supporting of social interaction) • Environmental value (ensuring sustainability of all service provision) This will place a new emphasis on the role of service users and citizens in clarifying what they value in services, which will involve identifying both what they want services to achieve (the outcomes they value) and how they think those services should be delivered (the governance principles that guide them). We suggest some criteria of good governance that may be adopted to guide service delivery.
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Value Creation in Russian Companies: the Role of Intangible Assets
In today's changing economy managers of the leading companies understand that the key sources for value creation are Intangible Assets (IA). The latest surveys confirm the fact that nowadays these assets are the value drivers and not "traditional" assets having tangible form. The same surveys confirm the fact, that one third of all the effected investment solutions is based on the existing Intangible Assets, and that the decisions made on the basis of IA allow them to make a more accurate prediction of income and profitability of a company in the future, and, hence, the company's value for the shareholders. The research held in the paper defines the impact of fundamental value of both tangible and intangible assets on the market value of assets of Russian companies. As a general approach used herein for IA evaluation, the method of Calculated Intangible Value (CIV) offered by T. Stewart was chosen. According to CIV the evaluation of Intangible Assets is based on residual operating...
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The Manual of Ideas: Ben Graham-Style Deep Value Report
Researching a report on Ben Graham-style investing following the kind of run-up the stock market indices have enjoyed since the lows of March 2009 has not been easy. Nonetheless, we were able to identify a reasonable number of companies that meet all or most of Graham’s value criteria. In this report, we profile 20 “deep value” stocks and highlight five companies as particularly interesting opportunities. Not all of these companies are “net current asset value” bargains based on the requirement that current assets less total liabilities exceed equity market value. However, all of the companies profiled in this report have significant value resident on their balance sheets. Such asset value protects the downside, while upside generally depends on recovery in business performance or asset sales and associated cash distributions.
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Consumer Value Segments
An in-depth look into environmental, social and consumer value segments
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2011 Universal Value Advisors Media Placements
Universal Value Advisors Media Placements
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How to Prevent the Loss in Property Value
Home price value can decline over time. There is no need for disaster to take place; a lot of factors exists that can cause the home valuation decrease. For example, when a new home is built, it will probably be more attractive than the neighboring houses. Due to it the price value of the previous ones will automatically decline. Houses gradually decline in the value because of their age, even if there are no newly-built houses nearby and the comparison cannot be made. House valuation also depends on the environment. The
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Why IT Continues to Matter: Reflections on the Strategic Value of IT
In May 2003 an article by the former editor of the Harvard Business Review (HBR), Nicholas Carr, in HBR, suggested that IT was no longer a strategic concern for management and that investments in IT should, in future, be restricted to the routine. Carr's thesis has been widely debated, not least in the context of IT value in general and its strategic value in particular. Notwithstanding flaws in his reasoning, this short nine-page article appears to have had a significant impact and influence on the way chief executives think about IT, and has had real consequences for IT budg- ets, not to mention careers. Carr went on to develop his ideas in a subsequent book. This article examines Carr's argu- ments at a number of levels and suggests that it would be unwise to base long-term thinking about IT on his conclusions.
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ITIL - Delivering Real Value In A Downturn: Three Fast Steps To Service Value
Are you under pressure to do more with less? During tough economic times, organizations have to become ultra-competitive to survive, and ultra-agile to remain competitive. Pressure is piled on IT to support the rapid change that is needed for an organization to remain profitable, but in tough times the IT budget is often frozen or even cut. This whitepaper describes how IT departments can excel in such times.
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Building Competitiveness in Africa's Agriculture: A Guide to Value Chain Concepts and Applications
The development and business communities recently have experienced a tremendous resurgence of interest in promoting value chains development as a way to add value, lower transaction costs, diversify rural economies, and contribute to increasing rural household incomes.
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Value Driven – There Should Be More Inside The Tin
In my opinion when people talk about something that is value driven it is the full set of experiences, including price that someone delivers to its intended customers. That is what internet marketing is all about to me – giving great value to my intended customers.
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