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Habitat Debate Vol.11 No. 4, Legacy of the Urban Management Programme

The “urban reality” in any country is a multi-faceted phenomenon. The agglomerations of citizens in large, compact settlements covering substantial areas of a country cannot be treated as an abstraction.
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Witnessed urban management and law enforcement , my heart tremble

Witnessed urban management and law enforcement , my heart tremble
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Towards Integrated Urban Water Management

Perspective paper
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Urban Flood Management

From the upcoming Urban Flood Management: http://www.crcpress.com/product/isbn/9780415559447 The book's companion site: http://www.floodresiliencegroup.org/frg/index.php
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Cost Benefit Analisys of Urban Tree Management in Goiânia

Previous studies have shown the benefit value of isolated trees. However, only a few studies establish a relation among various benefits and various trees. Uncertainty is the word that better defines urban tree management projects, what should a do, how much it will cost, how big the scope should be, when benefits will come. Welfares can be easily enumerated but hard to measure. This fuzzy scenario is frequently a barrier to project approval. Many projects proposals fail on showing how will contribute to institution, losing, consequently, the resources competition to other projects or investments.
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Urban Dream Management

Master's thesis, Helsinki University of Technology, Department of Architecture © Hella Hernberg, 2008. All rights reserved.
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Implementing the Habitat Agenda: Urban Management Programme City Consultation Case Studies

This comprehensive review of the world’s cities analyses the positive and negative impacts on human settlements of the global trends towards social and economic integration and the rapid changes in information and communication technologies.The United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat) draws on specially commissioned and contributed background papers from more than 80 leading international specialists.
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Good Practices in Urban Water Management

Urban Water Management
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UNESCO and Urban Water Management

New approaches, even a new mentality, are required with a sense of urgency to succesfully face urban water challenges – especially in developing countries. This brochure explains why urban water management is important and what the International Hydrological Programme (IHP) of UNESCO is doing in this field.
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Count me in: Surveying for tenure security and urban land management

The young man was scared. The city government had instructed him to count the shacks in the settlement. He arrived smartly dressed carrying a briefcase and clipboard with pen in hand and a list of the shacks. His job was to find any new shacks without the official number painted on the door. But he immediately ran into problems. The local residents confronted him, asking what he was doing. Soon a small crowd had gathered. They took him into the community hall, where a meeting was under way. He explained that the city had sent him, but the local people were suspicious.
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