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Urban Legends

Urban Legends is a remarkably complete collection of the modern myths that make the rounds in offices, college dorms, and every other place where people tell the stories that spring from our deepest fears and fascinations. Every culture has its folktales including ours. Except, instead of involving gods and goddesses or princes and princesses, ours involve "some guy my sister's best friend knows" or "someone who woke up in a motel room." They happened, supposedly, to real people, usually recently, in a particular place. And they touch the most sensitive nerves of our psyches with ironic twists, gross-out shocks, and moral lessons learned the hard way. From the classic tale "The Mexican Pet" in which the "dog" turns out to be no Chihuahua to the more unappetizing story of condoms as fast-food burger garnish, from surgically skilled kidney thieves to sexual experiments that end in the emergency room, Urban Legends relates more 300 of the most enticing, macabre, and unforgettable tales. Expertly told, they are arranged in such chapters as "Crazy Little Thang Called Sex," "Oh, Scare Me," "Campus Capers," "Corporate Convolutions," and "So Much For Comfort Food." Fascinating, chilling, and occasionally repulsive, Urban Legends has all your favorites and hundreds more. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Category: Social Science. ISBN: 9780609804940

Urban Renaissance

Belfast is at a turning point in its history. If it is to succeed as the peace process advances, the achievements of past urban regeneration efforts need to be evaluated in order to set in place effective policies and strategies for the future. Beginning with environmental priorities, Laganside Corporation, a limited life public body responsible for the regeneration of derelict and abandonned land adjacent to the River Lagan, has facilitated enormous physical, economic and social change right in the centre of Belfast. This book identifies strategies that can help local agencies and actors better meet the challenges they face, including that of involving the private sector more effectively in regeneration. Although the problems of Belfast are in many ways unique, they also have elements that are fairly typical of cities facing major economic change, environmental problems and social fragmentation.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9789264171657

Urban Mosaics

A masterpiece that presents us with a high level of artistic and fictional creation, Urban Mosaics indicates a light at the end of the tunnel by focusing the several current problems we've faced since the fateful civilization and its discontents foreseen by the men and women who forged psychoanalysis in the late Nineteenth century. Joo Rosa de Castro, writer and translator. The short stories address discoveries: criminal investigations, love comings and goings and the identity discovery and acceptance. Michelle Louise Paranhos. Urban Mosaics is a new adult surprising book; by the same author of the novel Incompatvel [Incompatible] (Scortecci, 2018)
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781507114995

Urban Issues

What are the driving forces behind Smart Cities? What are the ramifications of increasing the minimum wage? What are the causes of aging infrastructure and how should they be addressed? These are just some of the provocative questions that are considered in the new edition of Urban Issues . For current coverage of urban politics, readers will appreciate the balanced and unbiased reporting of CQ Researcher. Urban Issues provides a window into how policy is created and implemented in America's cities and is sure to spark classroom discussions. Each chapter examines the key players, stakes, background, and lessons for the future, while covering the range of facts, analyses, and opinions surrounding each issue.
Category: Political Science. ISBN: 9781506343617

Urban renaissance?

This book documents and assesses the core of New Labour's approach to the revitalisation of cities.
Category: Political Science. ISBN: 9781847425706

Urban Dreams

Claudia Roth's work on Bobo-Dioulasso, a city of half a million residents in Burkina Faso, provides uniquely detailed insight into the evolving life-world of a West African urban population in one of the poorest countries in the world. Closely documenting the livelihood strategies of members of various neighbourhoods, Roth's work calls into question established notions of the African family as a solidary network, documents changing marriage and kinship relations under the impact of a persistent economic crisis, and explores the increasingly precarious social status of young women and men.
Category: Family & Relationships. ISBN: 9781785333767

Urban Nightmares

In Urban Nightmares, Steve Macek documents the scope of alarmist representations of the city, examines the ideologies that informed them, and exposes the interests they ultimately served. Macek explains how Hollywood filmmakers, advertisers, and journalists validated the right-wing discourse on the urban crisis, popularizing its vocabulary and mobilizing fears of a perilous urban realm.
Category: Social Science. ISBN: 9780816643608

Urban Imaginaries

The essays in Urban Imaginaries focus on how social and physical space is conceived as both indefinite and singular and offer case studies on cities in Brazil, Israel, Turkey, Lebanon, and India, as well as in the United States and France.
Category: Social Science. ISBN: 9780816648016

Urban Ecosystems

An accessible introduction to the unifying principles of ecology through the exploration of urban ecosystems.
Category: Technology. ISBN: 9780521769846

Urban Villager

Urban Villager is a superbly etched and finely detailed representation of the life of an urban villager' in a modern satellite town of India. It describes how Delhi, as a city, is growing radially, stretching its way into the rural fringes of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh that border the city to form the National Capital Region. Through the microcosm of Greater Noida, a suburb of New Delhi, the author draws a portrait of life in a semi-urban town, where billion dollar homes and villages with no sewage system share the same pin code. Some farmers sell their land and try to cope with a new found prosperity; others refuse and break into agitations that make newspaper headlines. A builder destroys a wetland to make a township while the middle class in high rises frets about power and security. A few kilometres away, the Formula One event hosts international celebrities amidst bewildered villagers. Living here is being witness to the contradictions and ironies that occur when India is forced to co-exist with Bharat. The author frequently draws parallels with similar kinds of urbanisation on the outskirts of other Indian metros. Across the country, the city gobbles up more and more of what was once the countrysidewhether it is Sriperumbudur in Chennai, Belapur in Mumbai, Yelahanka on the outskirts of Bengaluru or Rajarhat New Town in Kolkata. No matter where you live in India, the story of this book could be the story you see in your city.
Category: Political Science. ISBN: 9788132113096
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