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UNEP Project Manual 2005

UNEP Project Manual 2005 http://www.unep.org/pcmu/project_manual/Manual_chapters/project_manual.pdf
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UNEP Yearbook 2010

See section on Climate Change
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UNEP work on Urban Environment

At a glance, this booklet presents UNEP’s work on urban environment. It gives an overview of UNEP reports, handbooks and manuals on different urban sectors as well as cross-cutting themes like climate change.
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UNEP Year Book 2012:Emerging Issues in our Global Environment

The UNEP Year Book 2012 shows that we have been experiencing an exceptional level of ecological extremes. However, scientists and policy makers have been making headway on addressing some of the most pressing environmental issues. The 2012 Year Book presents the most important events and developments from the year, gives a picture of the status of key environmental indicators, and also highlights two emerging issues in detail: the benefits of soil carbon and the decommissioning of nuclear power plants. The Year Book is intended to strengthen the science-policy interface by informing interested parties about the most relevant environmental issues.
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Water in the Transition to a Green Economy. A UNEP Brief

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). 2010 The aim of this brief is to introduce the objective of UNEP’s Green Economy approach to sustainable development. This approach sheds light on the need for interventions that mobilize and refocus the global economy towards investments and expenditures in economic sectors that can catalyze the creation of decent jobs and livelihoods, sustained economic development, poverty reduction, and the regeneration of life-sustaining natural resources.
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The Environemental Food Crisis - the Environement's Role in Averting Future Food Crises - UNEP

In order to understand the factors underpinning the food crisis and to assess trends, UNEP commissioned a Rapid Response team of internal and international experts. Their conclusions are presented in this report launched during UNEP’s 25th Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum. Several factors have been at work including speculation in commodity markets, droughts and low stocks. The contribution of growing non-food crops such as biofuels is also discussed. Importantly the report also looks to the future. Was 2008 an aberration or a year foreshadowing major new trends in food prices and if so, how should the international community respond?
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UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate and Sustainable Energy Finance Brochure

The Frankfurt School - UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate and Sustainable Energy Finance (the Centre) helps to develop and transfer cost-effective ways to reduce carbon emissions from existing energy supplies and use by mobilising and leveraging finance for climate and Sustainable Energy investments and strengthening of their associated markets. In this brochure you will learn who we are and what we do to foster long-term transformational change towards a low carbon economy.
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UNEP decoupling report English

Pour aller plus loin article du site web de Philippe Lamberts
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UNEP strategic priorities in Europe

UNEP strategic priorities in Europe
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Water Policy and Strategy of UNEP

The Challenge of Water demand
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