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Uganda oil sector, Uganda oil licensing, Uganda oil regulations
Uganda's oil potential has been confirmed beyond doubt and oil production is expected to begin in 2011. many companies are proespecting for oil and other gearing up to take part in Uganda's oil sector. Here is the status of Uganda's oil licensing as of December 2009
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Electoral Commission update on Uganda Elections Dec 16
The Uganda Electoral Commission has issued a statement on the roadmap to the 2011 general elections naming the number of candidates at all elective positions
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Uganda Petrolium Exploration and Production regulations
These are Uganda Petrolium Exploration and Production regulations
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UN-Habitat Country Programme Document 2008-2009 - Uganda
Urbanisation in Uganda is relatively young compared to Kenya and Tanzania. The roots of urbanisation in Uganda are traced back to the 1890s when a European presence was established in the country – a period that defined Uganda’s spatial and urban development pattern. With the building of the Kenya - Uganda Railway, economic and administrative centres was established. Nothing much has changed since this pattern was established after independence.
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Uganda Health System Assessment 2011
This Health System Assessment (HSA) was carried out to identify strengths and challenges of the Ugandan health system, and to make recommendations for interventions to strengthen the system. It has three specific objectives: First, it provides a baseline for monitoring health system performance throughout the period of the country‟s Health Sector Strategic and Investment Plan 2010/11–2014/15 (HSSIP). Second, it provides a snapshot, in a single document, of the status of Uganda‟s health system based on data collected from published documents and stakeholder interviews on different aspects of the system. Finally, it identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the system and provides recommendations, which can inform Government of Uganda (GoU) policymakers, development partners, and other stakeholders of potential areas for further strengthening, including ways to effectively implement the HSSIP.
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The Uganda Atlas - Evidence of Uganda’s changing environment
The Uganda Atlas of Our Changing Environment, prepared by the National Environmental Management Authority of Uganda, provides extensive scientific evidence of Uganda’s changing environment. Modelled after Africa: Atlas of our Changing Environment previously published by UNEP, the Uganda Atlas seeks to safeguard the country’s environment and inspire decision makers to action.
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Science, Technology and Innovation in Uganda
This study presents a unique methodology to view science, technology and innovation (STI) in developing countries. The study provides a set of cases studies drawn from a diverse range of experiences across the Ugandan private sector and offers concrete policy recommendations on how to support broader development of STI in Uganda. The study finds that of all the STI challenges facing firms, universities, and public research organizations in Uganda, the barriers to collaboration and communication are the most urgent in terms of STI priorities to address in the coming years.
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Uganda National Urban Profile
Uganda is a landlocked country, lying astride the equator in East Central Africa occupying 241,551 square kilometres, 18 percent of which is composed of inland waters and permanent wetlands. It is closely linked by economic and colonial history to Kenya in the east and Tanzania in the south. To the North and West lie the Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) respectively and further Southwest lies Rwanda. The constitution of the republic of Uganda provides the overall legal basis for government to plan and implement government programmes for the country. The challenge of uplifting the livelihoods and quality of life of the people draws its impetus from international development commitments to which Uganda is party, and clearly pronounced in the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) whose targets are interfaced with Uganda’s shared vision, sector priorities and plans.
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Uganda Annual Report 2011
Independent since 1962, Uganda is a nation known for the hospitality of its people and its rich wildlife, including the famous mountain gorillas. Uganda is also the site of BRAC’s largest and fastest scale-up in Africa, starting from a modest launch in 2006, and celebrating their fifth year of operations in 2011. BRAC’s programmes in Uganda are halfway toward its goal of reaching 4.2 million people, or 12 per cent of the population, by 2016.
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Uganda Hotel Guide 2013
A complete desination guide for Uganda on behalf of the Uganda Hotel Owner's Association (UHOA). Showcasing the best hotels Uganda has to offer. Published by Land & Marine Publications Ltd.
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