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A Closer Look at Retail Distribution
The marketers all over the world use different models and strategies for marketing a product or brand and one such model is the producer-oriented model proposed by the marketer E. Jerome McCarthy, in 1960.
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The New Age Supply Chain
Ctof 7th jan 2011 issue
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Manufacturing Value Streams & Supply Chains — 7 Characteristics of a Value Stream Leader
There is perhaps no manufacturing discipline that has undergone more dramatic change over the last decade than value stream and supply chain management. These closely-related concepts have revolutionized how raw materials morph into finished goods by arrival at their final destination and have altered the relationships among corporations, countries, manufacturers, and their suppliers
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Best Practices in Supply Base Management to Enhance Supplier Performance
Supply base management plays a crucial role for enterprises since it enhances global supply chain liquidity and helps maintain a record. Supply base management allows the identification of new suppliers, evaluation of existing suppliers, improve supplier performance and supplier portfolio. It is possible to measure and develop supplier performance in a proactive way by mixing and collaborating tools.
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Supply Base Management and the Enterprise
Supply base management includes a whole gamut of elements from materials planning, procurement, domestic and offshore sourcing, lifecycle management, etc. Supply base management plays a crucial role for your enterprises since it enhances supply chain liquidity and also helps maintain a record of sorts for all that has been spent in the name of supply.
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Optimize Supplier Performance with Advanced Supply Base Management Strategies
Developing effective business relationships with suppliers is not easy, particularly when suppliers are situated in various parts of the globe. Purchasing and supply managers who want to reduce costs and leverage value from their supply base are increasingly focusing on a base strategy to determine the optimal number of suppliers.
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PINC Solutions launches thought provoking webcast to discuss transportation myopia
(1888PressRelease) The webcast is the second of a series focused on supply chain visibility.
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Trusting Trade and the Private Sector for Food Security in Southeast Asia
"Trusting Trade and the Private Sector for Food Security in Southeast Asia challenges policy makers who oversee the rice sector in Southeast Asia and reexamines deep-rooted precepts about their responsibilities. The authors argue that fixating on national self-sufficiency has been costly and counterproductive, and cooperation can both improve rice production at home and expand regional trade. Trusting Trade specifically examines private sector participation in the rice and (yellow) maize markets in five countries in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)—Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.
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Supply-Chain-Postponement-Managing the Global Demand Supply
Globalization of the industrial sector and businesses has led to the requirement of a strong global supply chain management. Being involved with worldwide suppliers, customers and their interests, lays a stress on factors like reduction on the procurement cost and risks involved in purchasing.
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Enhance productivity with Returns Management
Returns management is an important phase in the supply chain management process in which activities such as returns, reverse logistics, gate keeping, and avoidance are managed efficiently. Returns management is often confused with reverse logistics but in reality both are two different aspects of the supply chain.
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