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Supplier and Buyer Driven Channels in a Two-Stage Supply Chain
We explore the impact of power structure on price, sensitivity of market price, and profits in a two-stage supply chain with single product, supplier and buyer, and a price sensitive market. We develop and analyze the case where the supplier has dominant bargaining power and the case where the buyer has dominant bargaining power. We consider a pricing scheme for the buyer that involves both a multiplier and a markup. We show that it is optimal for the buyer to set the markup to zero and use only a multiplier. We also show that the market price and its sensitivity are higher when operational costs (namely distribution and inventory) exist. We observe that the sensitivity of the market price increases non-linearly as the wholesale price increases, and derive a lower bound for it. Through experimental analysis, we show that marginal impact of increasing shipment cost and carrying charge (interest rate) on prices and profits are decreasing in both cases…
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Optimizing Waste Collection In An Organized Industrial Region: A Case Study
In this paper we present a case study which involves the design of a supply chain network for industrial waste collection. The problem is to transport metal waste from 17 factories to containers and from containers to a disposal center (DC) at an organized region of automobile parts suppliers. We applied the classic mixed-integer programming (MIP) model for the two-stage supply chain to the solution of this problem. The visualization of the optimal solution provided us with several interesting insights that would not be easily discovered otherwise.
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A Supply Chain Management Assessment Can Reveal Hidden Possibilities at Your Business
Warehousing may also be required when goods requir...
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Spreadsheet Optimization of Flow for WIP Goods at a Yarn and Tire Cord Manufacturer: A Case Study
We developed a spreadsheet optimization model to find the optimal material handling policy at a leading yarn and tire cord manufacturer’s facility. The focus of the study is to optimize the movement of looms of yarn and tire cord between two major manufacturing steps. The considered flow network within the manufacturing facility is a miniature two-stage supply chain, including the middle layer of depots. Movement of material takes place through forklift trucks and cranes, which impose electricity, labor, maintenance, and depreciation costs. After introducing the company, the facility, and the project goals, we present the underlying linear programming (LP) model and our spreadsheet implementation. The results of our model suggest an annual saving of approximately $22,000 for the facility.
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A Supply Chain Management Evaluation Can Expose Concealed Prospects at Your Business
Member enterprises in the chain need to have to co...
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Supply Chain Consultant with Logistics Consulting and long lasting solutions
We are improving various aspects of the supply chain cycle. We are focus on different aspects and increasing their efficiency. Our main areas of focus in supply chain consultancy services are manufacturing productivity, transport planning, warehouse design and logistics costs.
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Supply Chain Digital
How UPS Logistics turns the supply chain into a... The Boeing 787 Dreamliner: A tale of TERRIBLE supply The best Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) in the world The Biggest Buildings on Earth: From Airplane Assembly
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Rekindling a vibrant spirit in your supply chain business
The supply chain business is dependent on a delicate network which involves a myriad of processes such as researching, planning, designing, development, administration, sales and marketing.
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PINC Solutions Announces That Yard Hound(TM) Is Now SAP Integrated And Certified
(1888PressRelease) PINC Solutions announced the integration and certification of PINC's award winning Yard Hound™, advanced yard management system (YMS), with SAP's Extended Warehouse Management solution (EWM) and its Enterprise Services platform and joined the SAP Partner Program.
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Excellent Supply Base Management Solutions
In any in a dynamic market, effective supply chain management is of top priority. With its significance to business growth being emphasized time and again, it is the one that can give companies the much-needed edge over their competitors.
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