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Presentations, Demos, and Training Sessions
This is the first book ever for non-native speakers on how to conduct technical demos and training sessions. You will also learn how to present your company, and explain your products and services. The book is designed to help both those who have never done presentations before, as well as those whose English is already good but who want to improve their presentation skills. The focus is on language, rather than on the creation of slides from a technical/artistic point of view. This book will help you to: prepare and practice a well organized, interesting and memorable presentation give effective demos and training sessions either on site or via audio/video conference highlight the essential points you want the audience to remember avoid problems in English by using short easy-to-say sentences involve your audience, check their understanding, and deal with their questions improve your pronunciation overcome problems with nerves and embarrassment motivate your audience to listen and act on what you have said There is an introduction for trainers on how to teach presentations and demos within a Business English course.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9781493906437

100 Essential Triathlon Sessions
Triathlon has seen huge changes in the past few decades; it has grown in popularity; been recognised as an Olympic sport; and witnessed a rapid increase in standards of performance at all levels. These changes have been accompanied by major developments in training principles and methods. Two of the UK's top triathlon coaches, Steve Trew and Dan Bullock, have teamed up to write 100 Essential Triathlon Sessions, the definitive training programme for all serious triathletes. These 100 sessions - 30 swim, 30 bike, 30 run and 10 brick - have been developed and honed over many years and have proved effective in improving performance.'The sessions in this book are absolutely spot-on, there's a reason why you should be doing them, a time, and a scale so you can fit in with your level of fitness and aspirations. Great book, highly recommended!' Jodie Stimpson, runner-up in the World Triathlon Series in 2013. Fully illustrated with 35 colour photographs and 5 diagrams.
Category: Sports & Recreation. ISBN: 9781847976727

101 Youth Football Coaching Sessions
The culmination of years of experience, this manual outlines comprehensive training sessions for young footballers, including warm-ups, skills training, games and final practice drills. Fun, educational and challenging, each session contains information on equipment needed, space required and how to organise the players. Ideal for teachers or coaches who are looking for a fully planned session, this contains everything you need to build up the skills of young players and ensure they have fun and remain safe.
Category: Reference. ISBN: 9781472969156

Active Training
The all-time bestselling training handbook, updated for new technologies and roles Active Training turns instructional design on its head by shifting the emphasis away from the instructor, and on to the learner. Comprehensively updated to reflect the many developments in the field, this new fourth edition covers the latest technologies and applications, the evolving role of the trainer, and how new business realities impact training, advancing new evidence-based best practices for new trainer tasks, skills, and knowledge. Up to date theory and research inform the practical tips and techniques that fully engage learners and help them get the most out of sessions, while updated workplace examples and revised templates and worksheets help bring these techniques into the classroom quickly. You'll gain insight into improving training evaluation by using Return on Expectations (ROE), learn how to extend the value of training programs through transfer of learning, and develop fresh, engaging methods that incorporate state-of-the-art applications. Active Training designs offer just the right amount of content; the right balance of affective, behavioral, and cognitive learning; a variety of approaches; real-life problem solving; gradual skill-building; and engaging delivery that uses the participants' expertise as a foundation for learning. This book is the classic guide to employing Active Training methods effectively and appropriately for almost any topic. Learn how the trainer's role has changed Engage learners through any training delivery method Inspire collaboration and innovation through application Overcome the challenges trainers face in the new business environment Active Training methods make training sessions fun, engaging, relevant, and most importantly, effective. Participants become enthusiastic about the material, and view sessions as interesting challenges rather than as means to fulfill requirements. To bring these widely endorsed methods into your training repertoire, Active Training is the complete practical handbook you need.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9781118972014

Baseball Training
Having spent the past four years recording hundreds of training sessions by some of Major League Baseball's best athletes, the editors of STACK have built a library of grueling workouts, training secrets, and nutritional tips used by America's professional diamond greats. This book gives an inside look at the best workouts, together with instructions and advice from 10 of pro baseball's most prolific and well-conditioned players and their coaches. The pros' training methods are compiled into detailed workout programs, with step-by-step exercise descriptions, that will improve on-field performance in the safest and most effective ways possible. Reader's will read of actual workouts performed by numerous high-profile MLB players, including David Wright, Derek Lee, Dustin Pedroia, Johan Santana, Jimmy Rollins, Carl Crawford, Justin Morneau, Justin Verlander, and more. The workouts in Baseball Training: The Pros' Guide to Becoming Bigger, Faster, Stronger provide direction on how to improve speed, strength, power, agility, flexibility, and conditioning. Readers will also be inspired by encouraging stories, motivational techniques, and training perspectives behind these athletes' rise to stardom.
Category: Sports & Recreation. ISBN: 9781600783661

Teacher Training Essentials
Ready-to-go activities for teacher trainers running pre- and in-service training courses. For busy teacher trainers who practise what they preach: trainees will benefit from learning about methodology in training sessions which are in themselves models of good teaching practice.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines. ISBN: 9780521172240

The Interval Training Workout
The Interval Training Workout, co-written by a doctor and a certified trainer, shows how interval training can be done practically anywhere and benefit anyone who wants to get healthy. The training has three key components: Interval training workouts with brief repetitions of intense exercise alternating with intervals of rest; (extended) workouts: longer weekly sessions which allow certain biochemical and muscular adaptations that improve fitness and burn fat; and active rest days: steady, comfortably paced exercises that help the body rest and recover while still burning calories. The book also offers specific customizable programs for training and tips for assessing performance and tracking progress.
Category: Health & Fitness. ISBN: 9780897933278

Netball Practices and Training
Netball Practices and Training offers a comprehensive guide to planning netball training sessions with an emphasis on decision-making. Ensuring a player is equipped with the technical and tactical skills should not be the only focus of a coach, and by integrating practices that incorporate decision-making, a coach is successfully preparing a player for the demands of competition. The book outlines a range of practices for integrating game principles, skills and tactics for all units of the court. The book includes:180 practices with progressions for decision training; Sections addressing warm-up activities, movement skills, attack, defence and shooting; A section showing how a coach can integrate sport psychology into their practices; Information boxes containing key points; Detailed analyses of the movement and individual skills in netball; Reviews of the tactical aspects and game principles in attack and defence; Supporting information on differentiating a practice for players of different levels of ability. A comprehensive guide to planning netball training sessions with an emphasis on decision-making, that will provide a key resource for all netball coaches and teams. Includes 180 practices with progressions for decision training and gives details on warm-up activities, movement skills, attack, defence and shooting. Superbly illustrated with 20 colour photographs and 180 diagrams. Anita Navin is a highly experienced coach and coach educator has been involved with England Netball for over twenty five years.
Category: Sports & Recreation. ISBN: 9781847973801

Activity-Based Training Design
Activity-Based Training Design shows you how to design new training sessions or transform existing sessions using tools and techniques that engage the participants, promote the effective learning of knowledge, and are fun to work with. It provides you with active reading techniques like Info Hunt, card-sort activities like Washing Line and ideas for games and activity boards like The Evaluation Game. This is not a set of pre-designed exercises that might or might not be relevant to the training you deliver. This is a set of methods and activities that are aligned with the principles of Accelerated Learning and can be applied to almost any knowledge-based training session. For each activity you will be able to read about how it works, why it works and the purpose and principles behind it. The book also describes how to prepare and run the activity and then provides examples of how the methods have been used on actual training events. Overall, this is a book that provides the tools and techniques for transforming a training session into an accelerated learning activity.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9780566087967

Advanced Circuit Training
There are around 60,000 qualified gym instructors and personal trainersin the UK alone, with several thousand more qualifying each year. TheRegister of Exercise Professionals' (REPs) Level 3 qualification isseen as the principal goal for all instructors, and a key part of thisis advanced circuit training. Fitness Professionals: Advanced Circuit Training is the advanced companion to the definitive Fitness Professionals: Circuit Training.Building on the basics of the first book, this new title is the onlybook in the market that specifically deals with more complex andinnovative circuit methods - including kettlebell exercises, boxerciseand increasingly popular 'boot camp' military-style exercise - andwhich actively helps trainers in the industry achieve theirprofessional qualifications. Using step-by-step guidance to planningand coordinating sessions and illustrated by quality photographs, Advanced Circuit Training is written in accordance with REPs national standards for Level 3.
Category: Sports & Recreation. ISBN:
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