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Training a companion dog
Published on 09/08/2011
Document details: 82 pages. 14 downloads.

The dog whisperer : a compassionate, nonviolent approach to dog training
Published on 08/03/2010
Document details: 264 pages. 58 downloads.

Dog training for kids
Easy-to-follow instructions on training and handling a dog
Published on 03/17/2010
Document details: 106 pages. 36 downloads.

New complete dog training manual
Published on 08/03/2015
Document details: 186 pages. 42 downloads.

In Home Dog Training Nj
The best time to start training your dog is when you first bring him or her home. No dog over eight weeks of age is too young to begin learning how to live successfully in a human family. The sooner your little bundle of fur learns what is expected, the easier the adjustment will be for everyone in your home.
Published on 07/22/2015
Document details: 186 pages. 73 downloads.

Teach yourself visually dog training
Published on 11/23/2018
Document details: 262 pages. 7 downloads.

Dog training with a head halter
How the Head Halter Works -- Can We Talk? -- But, But I'm Just a Pupl -- Sit for Attention -- Walk with Me -- Stay for Me, My Darling -- Let's Relax -- Come to Me, Beloved -- Stand for the Doctor -- We're Almost There -- I'm Still Here -- Faked Out! -- Changing of the Guard -- Find Me -- The Final Frontier -- This Is My House -- How to Fit a Head Halter
Published on 02/10/2012
Document details: 134 pages. 24 downloads.

Dog training handbook : a 10-week training course
Published on 01/30/2012
Document details: 138 pages. 24 downloads.

Tom & Bear : the training of a guide dog team
The author tells in diary format of his twenty-six days observing a young blind man training with a guide dog at Guiding Eyes for the Blind, a school in New York state
Published on 05/10/2013
Document details: 170 pages. 28 downloads.

The complete guide to dog training
Published on 11/09/2018
Document details: 298 pages. 3 downloads.
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