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Business Intelligence Strategy: A Practical Guide for Achieving BI Excellence
Geared toward IT management and business executives seeking to excel in business intelligence initiatives, this practical guide explores creating business alignment strategies that help prioritize business requirements, build organizational and cultural strategies, increase IT efficiency, and promote user adoption. Business intelligence, together with business analytics and performance management, eliminates information overload by organizing the massive amounts of information available in the modern enterprise. Addressing the challenges of business intelligence operations, this resource supports the goal of better business decision making and identifying unrealized opportunities. Each chapter includes a checklist of recommended approaches and a strategy overview template.
Published by: Mc Press | Publication date: 11/01/2010
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 137 pages

Warm Hands Cold Heart: A Marshall House Christmas Mystery (Marshall House Mystery Book 7)
1868 - Recently married and awaiting the birth of her first child, Margaret Davies takes a position at Wendall Hall, a privately funded charity for unwed, expectant women in a small town east of Edinburgh. With Christmas around the corner and a number of birthing rooms empty, Margaret and head midwife, Violet Bane, turn their attention to the babies in the nursery ensuring they arrive at their adoptive homes in time for the holidays. Wendall Hall’s Christmas preparations take an unexpected turn, however, when a body is discovered in a snow bank outside the Hall’s side door the day following a harrowing storm. It doesn’t take long for Margaret to realize not everything is what it seems at the benevolent charity. Decades old secrets lurk in the shadows of the old manor house, secrets that go far beyond penniless women trying to hide their scandalous pregnancies, secrets Violet Bane had meant to take with her to the grave.
Published by: Willow Hill House | Publication date: 10/09/2018
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 184 pages

The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part V
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories - Part V: Christmas Adventures features contributions by: Bob Byrne, Derrick Belanger, Amy Thomas, David Marcum, Denis O. Smith, C.H. Dye, Marcia Wilson, Julie McKuras, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Bert Coules, John Hall, Jim French, S.F. Bennett, Narrelle M. Harris, William Patrick Maynard, Vincent W. Wright, James Lovegrove, Arthur Hall, Nicholas Utechin, Mike Chinn, Tracy J. Revels, Roger Riccard, Wendy C. Fries, Paul D. Gilbert, Jan Edwards, Molly Carr, S. Subramanian, Peter K. Andersson, Matthew J. Elliott, Hugh Ashton, and Mark Mower, with a poem by Ashley D. Polasek and forewords by Jonathan Kellerman, Roger Johnson, Steve Emecz, Melissa Farnham, and David Marcum.

Gilded Deceit (The Rannoch Fraser Mysteries Book 13)
A Malcolm & Suzanne Rannoch Historical Mystery 13The secrets of Suzanne Rannoch’s scandalous past have forced Suzanne and her husband Malcolm— also a spy — to flee London's intrigues and ballrooms. Suzanne fears they will go mad from boredom in their gilded refuge on Lake Como. But before they even reach the villa, they are attacked by bandits who think the Rannochs possess a mysterious treasure. Are their past deeds catching up with them or were they mistaken for someone else?As they settle in at the lake, they encounter Italian revolutionaries, gun smugglers, an English nobleman living in self-imposed exile with a beautiful contessa, and Lord Byron and Percy and Mary Shelley, who have their own reasons for fleeing Britain. The exquisite beauty of the villas and gardens holds layers of deceit, tied to the very enemies the Rannochs sought to escape. When a golden afternoon on the lake turns crimson with murder, Malcolm and Suzanne realize that boredom is the least of their concerns…but they may have to fear for their lives and the lives of those closest to them..."Shimmers like the finest salons in Vienna." —Deborah Crombie"Meticulous, delightful, and full of surprises." —Tasha Alexander"Glittering balls, deadly intrigue, sexual scandals. . .the next best thing to actually being there!"— Lauren Willig"A superb storyteller."— Deanna Raybourn
Author: Tracy Grant
Published by: NYLA | Publication date: 05/15/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 499 pages

A Silence in the Heart (Holmes Crossing Book 4)

Can a handsome veterinarian, a lonely boy and an injured kitten break down the walls of Tracy’s guarded heart?Her alcoholic mother and unfaithful boyfriend taught Tracy Harris that life was easier if you kept your heart safe and secure. So her plans for her life are simple. A house on the lake, a milk cow, a dog and a clothes-line. She is close to achieving that simple dream. Then a young boy named Kent wanders into her vet clinic holding an injured kitten. Upon discovering that his broken home life is too similar to hers she is determined to help him.Opening her heart to a brighter future.When veterinarian David Braun lost his fiancee to cancer he thought he could never love again. Until he met Tracy. But she keeps him at arm’s length with her prickly demeanor. However, David discovers another side to her when he sees her with Kent and his kitten. He too wants to help Kent and Tracy reluctantly agrees to his intervention.As they work together they grow closer and Tracy starts to think she might have a chance at love and a new life with David and with Kent. But, as if on cue, her mother comes stumbling back into her life and Tracy’s involvement with Kent puts the dream of her own place in jeopardy.Can Tracy and David put aside their own needs and make the right choice for Kent and themselves?A Silence in the Heart is a sweet standalone romance about loss and forgiveness and hard choices.
Published by: Misty Ridge Publishing | Publication date: 03/31/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 258 pages

Auerbach's Wilderness Medicine E-Book
Now in its 7th edition, Auerbach’s Wilderness Medicine continues to help you quickly and decisively manage medical emergencies encountered in any wilderness or other austere setting! World-renowned authority Dr. Paul Auerbach and 2 new associate editors have assembled a team of experts to offer proven, practical, visual guidance for effectively diagnosing and treating the full range of issues that can occur in situations where time and resources are scarce. This indispensable resource equips physicians, nurses, advanced practice providers, first responders, and rescuers with the essential knowledge and skills to effectively address and prevent injuries and illnesses – no matter where they happen!
  • Face any medical challenge in the wilderness with expert guidance from hundreds of outstanding world experts edited by Dr. Auerbach and 2 new associate editors, Drs.Tracy Cushing and N. Stuart Harris.
  • New and expanded chapters with hundreds of new photos and illustrative drawings help increase your visual understanding of the material.
  • Acquire the knowledge and skills you need with revised chapters providing expanded discussions of high-altitude medicine, improvisation, technical rescue, telemedicine, ultrasound, and wilderness medicine education.
  • Ten new chapters cover Acute High-Altitude Medicine and Pathophysiology; High Altitude and Pre-Existing Medical Conditions; Cycles, Snowmobiles, and other Wilderness Conveyances; Medical Wilderness Adventure Races (MedWAR); Canyoneering and Canyon Medicine; Evidence-Based Wilderness Medicine; National Park Service Medicine; Genomics and Personalized Wilderness Medicine; Forestry; and Earth Sciences.
Published by: Saunders | Publication date: 09/21/2016
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 2848 pages

Scott Harris Presents: The Trappers: The Trail of Blood: A Western Adventure (The Cherokee Parks Presents Western Action and Adventure Series Book 10)
For the first-time, bestselling author Scott Harris presents three top bestselling Western novels for you to read from three of your favorite Western authors. Fast-paced adventure with no barrels barred action as three gunmen blow their way across the Old West… This is "The Trappers."Revenge at the River’s Edge – Clint ClayA brand new and exciting western adventure from Clint Clay. This is the story of the rolling river and the danger that lies at the edge of the known west.Just before the Civil War, Daniel Dempsey was a riverboat captain with a taste for adventure. He and his crew, along with a young, golden-haired prostitute named Kate, traveled up the Neosho River from New Orleans to attend the Spring Rendezvous - a trading bonanza. Pirates lurked on the river, however, and the journey was not as smooth as it might have been. High Plains Ambush – John D. Fie, Jr.Matt Hutchins, the lone survivor of a wagon train massacre, takes on the world to do what is right, and must use guts, guns and glory to bring peace to his people.Found and raised by the Sioux, Matt not only learns the ways of the Sioux, but his survival skills are keenly honed as his tracking abilities are used by both the army and later by the sheriff of a town named Buffalo Flats.Matt lives alone on the open plains with his trusted pal and horse, Ol' Friend, a gift given to him by the Chief Buffalo Robes, the one who taught him how to survive.Gunshots on Hell’s Border – Douglas R. CobbMatt “The Boot Collector” Hardy leads an interesting life as a bounty hunter in the territory surrounding the wild town of Fort Smith, Arkansas, otherwise known as “Hell’s Border.” Living by his own rules, he always gets his men, more often dead than alive, ridding the area of the meanest outlaws, and adding their boots to his collection of trophies. A family man at heart, when he isn’t hunting outlaws, he lives peacefully with his wife and son on his farm across the river from Hell’s Border. Everything changes, however, when evil crosses that border and invades his family.
Published by: Dusty Saddle Publishing | Publication date: 05/10/2018
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 325 pages

5 Keys to Business Analytics Program Success
With business analytics is becoming increasingly strategic to all types of organizations and with many companies struggling to create a meaningful impact with this emerging technology, this work—based on the combined experience of 10 organizations that display excellence and expertise on the subject—shares the best practices, discusses the management aspects and sociology that drives success, and uncovers the five key aspects behind the success of some of the top business analytics programs in the industry. Readers will learn about numerous topics, including how to create and manage a changing business analytics strategy; align business priorities to technological innovation; quantify and demonstrate tangible business value; implement program processes that balance agility, empowerment, and control; and architecting a business analytics technology solution with future innovation in mind. This is the ideal resource for any organization that wants to learn how a business analytics program can help manage value, employees, and technology to translate strategies into actionable insight and achievement.
Published by: Mc Press | Publication date: 11/15/2012
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 168 pages

Grizzly Creek Runs Red: A Western Adventure Series
A brand new, all-star collection of Western tales from some of the most popular authors in town!The four had ridden themselves and their horses to exhaustion. They were out of food, water and patience and decided the time had come to quit running and take a stand.Nine fast paced short stories coming from nine of the best Western authors writing today, each using the same prompt, but with nine very different results.Fast horses, fast fists and fast guns take the lead in these exciting tales of the Old West. Make sure you have plenty of time when you pick this up, because you won’t want to put it down.This new collection has stories from Scott Harris, J.L Guin, Bruce Harris, Cheryl Pierson, Tracy T. Thurman, Russ Towne,‘Big’ Jim Williams, Nerissa Stacey, Justin Harris. Plus a very special guest author!
Published by: Dusty Saddle Publishing | Publication date: 11/04/2018
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 168 pages

A Brock Clemons Western: Mojave Massacre: A Western Adventure From The Author of "Battle on the Plateau" (The Grand Canyon Western Trilogy Book 2)
The latest adventure from one of the most exciting Western authors of today! This is "Mojave Massacre" from Scott Harris! A sure-fire reader pleaser!Brock, Sophie and Huck are still living with the Havasupai at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. But their lives are threatened by the murderous and vengeful Paiute, and Brock and Huck, seeing no alternative, race one hundred miles to a small trading outpost, hoping to buy the rifles that will give them a chance against the much larger Paiute forces.They stumble across four slaughtered Hopi Indians, track down the murderers, and find help in very unexpected places from friends – new and old.The final battle is brutal, bloody and decisive.Mojave Massacre is the exciting second book in the new Grand Canyon trilogy and the fifth book in the best-selling Brock Clemons Western series, following the tremendously successful Dry Springs trilogy.
Published by: Dusty Saddle Publishing | Publication date: 07/19/2018
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 181 pages
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