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The Tour
In the novel The Tour, Dutch writer Louis Couperus takes a sharp detour from his usual subject matter of psychological dramas set in early twentieth-century Europe to explore a story of lost love amongst the dusty byways and lavish compounds of the upper class in ancient Egypt.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 1776584783

The Tour
Rick Parker could hardly tell his boss no when he was asked to take a tour of senior citizens to Scandinavia, but he wasn't happy about it. He didn't like bimbo sitting with the young agents that worked for Collier Travel, it was even worse when he heard that Janice Walters would be escorting the other half of the group, it was far worse. A young bimbo agent was one thing, but one who was closer to his age and definitely not his type was another. The last thing Janice wanted to do was escort a tour of senior citizens but her boss, Glen Collier, was very persuasive. Hopefully, Rick, the eternal playboy, would stick to his portion of the group and she could stick to hers. The last thing she wanted was to have to deal with him on a daily basis for the two weeks the trip would last. Genre: Contemporary Romance
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781603134477

Une femme qu'il faut juste accueillir dans un appartement lou pour un mois, un petit groupe de rfugis crois sur une route de campagne prs de la frontire, un vieil homme et sa jeune visiteuse riant doucement un soir d't sur un balcon voisin, un couple de clients pas comme les autres ils ne font que passer. Leur charme souvent inquitant attire, blesse, sduit et dj ils repartent, emportant leur mystre. La plupart sans se retourner. Mais ceux qui restent sentent tt ou tard que leur bouleversante apparition les a fait pivoter sur eux-mmes, les orientant vers un cap jusqu'alors insouponn ou tout simplement ignor. Troisime recueil de nouvelles de l'crivain, Demi-tour est constitu de sept nouvelles dans lequel elle rompt avec le thme de la famille, son terrain d'exploration favori. Chacune de ces nouvelles dcrit un moment important qui, sur un laps de temps trs court, va amener le personnage reconsidrer sa vie...
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9782246862543

Starlight Tour
A teen’s suspicious death, a shocking police cover-up and a mother’s search for the truth. In 1990, on a November night that hit –28 degrees Celsius, seventeen-year-old Neil Stonechild disappeared only blocks from his mother’s home. His frozen body was found three days later, eight kilometres from where he was last seen in downtown Saskatoon. The police investigation was cursory — no one seemed to wonder about the abrasions on his wrists or the scrapes on his face, or the fact that he was missing a shoe. Neil was drunk and out walking, the police believed, and had died by misadventure. His mother, Stella Bignell, tried her best to push for answers, but no one in authority wanted to listen to a native woman whose sons had often been in trouble with the law. But Stella did not give up, and neither did the only witness, sixteen-year-old Jason Roy, who had seen Neil, beaten and bleeding, in the back of a Saskatoon police cruiser the night he disappeared. Starlight Tour recounts their struggle for justice in the face of indifferent officials, destroyed police files and institutionalized racism. In the decade following Neil’s death, rumours persisted that police sometimes drove natives beyond the edge of town and abandoned them. But it was only in January 2000, when two more men were found frozen to death, that the truth about Neil Stonechild’ s fate began to emerge. A third man, Darrell Night, survived his “starlight tour,” and lived to tell the tale. And soon one of the country’s most prominent aboriginal lawyers, Donald Worme, was on the case. With exclusive co-operation from the Stonechild family, Worme, and other key players, and information not yet revealed in the press coverage, Starlight Tour is an engrossing and damning portrait of rogue cops, racism, obstruction of justice and justice denied, not only to a boy and his mother but to the entire country’s native community.
Category: SOCIAL SCIENCE / Indigenous Studies. ISBN:

The Tour
‘I’d always thought spiritual enlightenment would involve candles, meditative music and maybe even a happy faced person wearing an orange robe banging a gong occasionally. Never in my wildest imaginings did I expect it would happen when I was on all fours vomiting my guts out beside a sugar cane field in far north Queensland on Mother’s Day.’And so begins Denise Scott’s riotous memoir about growing up in Greensborough, not-shagging Robbie Buckle, and finding Mr Right - before realising, belatedly, that he wasn’t. And how hard her mother worked to make things ordinary in the face of Denise’s desire to be anything but. On The Tour, Denise once again charms readers with her always honest and never-less-than-hilarious appraisal of life in all its facets, revealing how one of our favourite stand-up comics got to be the woman she is. (Thanks in no small part to her mum.)
Category: Humor. ISBN: 9781740669054

Guided Tour
What happens when an aging Hollywood gag writer and his young semi-requited mistress are stranded in the Judean wilderness with an Israeli tour guide and a Palestinian policeman? Bullets and Borcht Belt gags fly as both sides open fire on this odd little group, but not before they are forced to compromise their safety - and sometimes their beliefs - to save each other.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781329150379

Royal Tour
Sam Kemi is off on another Hunt around the world, chasing secret potions and magic diaries in the second novel of the charming and humorous ( Kirkus Reviews ) Potion Diaries series. After winning the Wilde Hunt, things are looking up for Sam Kemi and her family's potion businessuntil suddenly they aren't... When someone goes after her grandfather, stealing his memories and priceless knowledge, the Kemi's Potion Shop is forced to close and Sam is left scrambling for answerswithout her grandfather's help. Part of Ostanes's mind is trapped in those memories, and without them he's lost and confused. And the more time passes, the worse his condition becomes. Hoping to reverse the effect of dark potions on the body, someone is looking for the recipe for aqua vitae an elixir that can cure any illnesslost in the pages of an old Kemi family diary. But aqua vitae could also be the key to bringing her grandfather back, and that's all Sam really wants. Determined to find Ostanes's memories and the recipe first, Sam finds herself on the most important and perilous Hunt of her life.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781481443821

The Tour
A group falls into a time warp back to the 16th Century & must find their way back to the present to stop a disaster from occurring.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781609765385

Reality Tour
When the Chosen Girls go on their first multi-city tour in a borrowed RV, Harmony's messiness almost spoils their final show. What's worse, she almost blows her opportunity to witness to her cousin Lucinda.
Category: Children's & Young Adult Fiction. ISBN: 0310866715

The Tour
From Australia’s first Tour de France winner Cadel Evans comes an insider’s account of the Tour de France and what it takes to win this most prestigious of races. The campaign to win the Tour de France begins the day the last Tour finishes. Cadel takes us through the process of recruiting the best riders, the training camps and the practice rides. Then he explains the stages of the race to show how the team worked together, the tactics and the challenges that they had to overcome: the crashes, illness, injury, exhaustion. What are the elements behind a Tour defence? Will it be harder to defend than win? What will he expect from his rivals? Can Cadel take the yellow jersey a second time? From joining the BMC team to crossing the finish line, Cadel Evans: Victory in the Tour de France takes us through the fascinating lead up and preparation necessary to win the 2011 Tour de France – the biggest event on the road cycling calendar for both riders and the millions of followers of cycling’s Grand Tour.
Category: Sports & Recreation. ISBN: 9781742703855
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