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Tidbits of Coachella Valley- Vol. 5: Issue #9 [Week of Feb. 22, 2009)

Volume 5: Issue #9, Week of Feb. 22, 2009 Lead Story: Tidbits Names NAMES 2nd Story: Solar System Q & A 3rd Story: When I was Your Age Cats, Dogs & Other People: Some Things We Just Don't Want To Hear To Your Good Health: Do Cholesterol Drugs Really Work? Senior News Line: Lower Your Risk for Dementia Dear Doug: Hard Times- School of Hard Knocks Celebrity Extra: Jonny Lee Miller Antique or Junque: Crouses Pattern
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Tidbits of Coachella Valley- Volume 5: Issue #6 - Week of Feb. 1, 2009

Tidbits of Coachella Valley, Vol. 5: Issue #6, Week of Feb. 1, 2009 Lead Story: Presidential Names 2nd Story: Thinking Outside the Box 3rd Story: Looking (at) Glass Dollars & Sense: Block Automated Calls To Your Good Health: Excersize Can Bring on Asthma Senior News Line: Seniors at Play Dear Doug: It's Hard to Find an Appetite for Abstention Celebrity Extra: Christina Hendricks
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Vol. 6: #15 "THE WHITE HOUSE (HISTORICAL TIDBITS)" (4/4/10) - Tidbits of Coachella Valley

-Lead Story: White House (Historical Tidbits) -2nd Story: Music Legends "The Village People" -3rd Story: A Visit to Canada -Antiques or Junque: Toy Surrey Makes Hearts Flutter -Everyday CHEAPSKATE: The Case of the Exaggerated Ad -Cats Dogs and Other People: A Tale of Two Adoptions
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Vol. 4: #34 (Aug. 17, 2008) - FEET FIRST - Tidbits of Coachella Valley

Tidbits of Coachella Valley, CA Pages 1-6 of 12
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Vol. 7: #46 - ANTLERS - 11/13/11 Tidbits of Coachella Valley

Lead Story: ANTLERS - 2nd Story: Overcoming the Odds [Series]: SPECIAL OLYMPICS - 3rd Story: Now That's Furry! - Celebrity Extra: Kevin Dillon, TV's SHARK TANK, Netflix - Everyday Cheapskate: MISPLACED PHONE? REPORT IMMEDIATELY - Casey's Corner: FEAR TINKLING - Lifelong Health: DATA LOOKING IRONCLAD THAT SUPPLEMENTS ARE HARMFUL - Your Social Security: COLUMNIST IS RIGHT - PARENTS ARE NOT 'MOOCHING' SOCIAL SECURITY To Your Good Health: TAKE A REST, MY RESTLESS LEGS - Senior News Line: DO WE REALLY NEED TO TAKE VITAMINS? - Senior Advice: CHILDREN'S MATURING - Antique or Junque: ANTIQUE MUGS AND BRUSH STIR UP A LATHER, Homer Laughlin China
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Vol. 6 #44 "HALLOWEEN" (10/24/10) Tidbits of Coachella Valley

Lead Story: HALLOWEEN 2nd Story: Ireland 3rd Story: Scarecrows, the Farmer's Friend Celebrity Extra: Brooke Elliott, Ed Anser, If you leave OMD - Everyday Cheapskate: Stor Brands Oftern as Good or Better Than Name Brands - Cats, Dogs & Other People: Doggy Dangers - Lifelong Health: Routine Mamograms Target of Ongoing Debate - Your Social Security: Another COLA Fizzles Out - To Your Good Health: Torn Rotator Cuff Causes Shoulder Pain - Senior News Line:P Should You Consult a Nutritionist? - Dear Doug: Poor Customer Service a Challenge - Antique or Junque: World's Fair Photo Flask is a Hot Collectable, wind up coaster from 1950s - Dollars and Sense: Health Care Changes Are Here... Almost
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Vol. 6: #21 "WHICH CAME FIRST" (5/16/10) - Tidbits of Coachella Valey

-Lead Story: Which Came First... -2nd Story: Music Legend "BB King" -3rd Story: Walk a Mile in My Shoes -Celebrity Extra: Peter Facinelli- Everday Cheapskate: Close is Good Enough in Credit Scores -Cats, Dogs & Other People: All Things Not Equal in a Dog Park- Lifelong Health: Diet and Excersize Reduce Chances of Alzheimer's- Senior Advice: Grandfather's Advice Unwelcome- Your Social Security: 'It's the Law' is the Wrong Answer- Senior News Line: Scammers' New Weapon: Health Care Reform- To Your Good Health: How Much Excersize Do Adults Need?- Antique or Junque: Larkin Soap Factory's Motto Was 'From Factory to Family'- Dollars and Sense: 10 Scams You Need to Know About
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Vol. 6: #53 - WHERE DID 2010 GO? (12/26/10) Tidbits of Coachella Valley

Lead Story: WHERE DID 2010 GO? - 2nd Story: Music Legend THE GRAND OLE OPRY - 3rd Story: ICE SCULPTURES - Celebrity Extra: Nancy O'Dell, Army Wives, Animal Planet Nile, Kim Kardashian - Everday Cheapskate: Get a Free Credit Report Every 12 Months - Cats, Dogs & Other People: Deck the Halls with Your Pets in Mind - Lifelong Health: Naproxen is 'Shining Star' in NSAID-User Study - Your Social Security: Increased Retirement Age Won't Impact Soon-to-be Retirees - To Your Good Health: Clogged Heart Arteries Cause Pain of Angina - Senior News Line: Dance Movements Boost Balance - Senior Advice: Stay Upbeat for Better Outlook on Life, Cope with Lazy Grandson - Antique or Junque: Morning Glory Vines Stretch Across Vintage Casserole Dish, Hall China Co., Bed Warmers, OCEANA RD. 5652 Pattern - Dollars and Sense: Track Your Spending
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Vol. 6: #52 CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD (12/19/10) Tidbits of Coachella Valley

Lead Story: CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD 2nd Story: Music Legend THE DOORS 3rd Story: BOXING DAY Celebrity Extra: George Clooney, Rich Fields - Everyday Cheapskate: Step Out In Faith and Give - Cats, Dogs & Other People: Training for the Holidays and Every Other Day - Lifelong Health: Heart-Hearty Lifestyle Results From Seven Simple Steps - Your Social Security: Woman's Guide Follow-up - To Your Good Health: Asthma Usaully Controllable - Senior News Line: Memory Lane - Senior Advice: Balancing Helath and Fun, How to Find a Good Doctor - Antique or Junque: Rococo Revival Victorian Style side chairs, Taylor Smith and Smith Chester, W.VA. - Dollars and Sense: Gift Card Pros and Cons
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Vol. 6: #51 DECEMBER BABIES (12/12/10) Tidbits of Coachella Valley

Lead Story: FAMOUS DECEMBER BABIES 2nd Story: HOWARD HUGHES 3rd Story: THE WRIGHT BROTHERS Celebrity Extra: Laura Prepon, Parks and Recreation - Everyday Cheapskate: It's Never Too Late To Do The Right Thing - Cats, Dogs & Other People: Adopting the "Unadoptable" - Lifelong Health: Moderation, Not Excess is Lesson of Twinkie Diet - Your Social Security: Great Expectations - To Your Good Health: Coumadin Is Effective but Bothersome Drug - Senior News Line: Holdays Are No Time to Hibernate - Senior Advice: Holiday Senior Cheer, Learning to Use Email - Antique or Junque: Wagon-Wheel Motif Furniture Lassoed Children's Market, the Great Gildersleeve, Crooksville China Co. Pantry BAK-IN WARE - Dollars and Sense: Getting a Handle on Holday Debt
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