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What is Tidal Energy

Pollution caused by traditional supplies of energy is leading to the development and search for alternative sources. One of the most promising is tidal energy. Get insights on how tidal energy works and its benefits.
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Tidal Energy for Island Nations

This article identifies the nature of the tidal energy resource, evaluates its potential, overviews thetechnology available and its general state of development, and reviews some of the key concepts andinnovations presently being explored by visionaries who look to the world’s oceans as a powersource for island nations.
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Report #1- Literature Survey: Tidal Energy Power Generation – History and Current Status

Our present project; “Potential Tidal Power for New Jersey, A Statewide Survey” seeks to contribute to the existing body of literature by integrating the knowledge of all of the interrelated tidal energy fields investigated to date with the energy, environmental and economic priorities of the State of New Jersey within the context of the State Energy Master Plan (NJEMP) and the Global Warming Response Act (GWRA).
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Report #2- Developing a New Jersey Statewide Tidal Energy System

This report presents a premliminary list of potential tidal energy sites in New Jersey. It may be revised as alternative sites are evaluated. Report by Natural Currents Energy Sevices, LLC.
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Long Island Tidal and Wave Energy Study: An Assessment of the Resource

The scope of this study is to (1) clarify the potential development of Tidal In-Stream Energy Conversion (TISEC) and Wave Energy Conversion (WEC) systems as they relate to marine resources in the LIPA service territory, (2) evaluate possible technologies that might effectively operate in these waterways to generate electric power, and (3) introduce an evaluation of related regulations, potential environmental impacts, marine safety and available transmission lines issues that may affect such resource development and siting.
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A Comparison of New Jersey Tidal Energy Estimates

The paper compares Natural Currents tidal estimates (2008-2009) for the State of New Jersey with results completed by a USDOE Georgia Tech Research Corporation (2011) study. Our findings indicate a conservative estimate of 417 MW of potential tidal power in New Jersey. If this resource was fully developed it would provide a $2 Billion investment opportunity creating 2,060 jobs for ten (10) years and result in reduced pollution and green base load power for New Jersey.
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Earth Watch Jan 2030 Issue: Pele Isles Method

A fictional magazine set in the fictional city of Pele Isles, Ontario, Canada. Created for a Grade 11 Physics project, this was intended to compare different alternative energy sources (its applications to society and physics) as well as how to implement a green and renewable-energy society through personal and political choices.
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Report #5- ADP Measurements- Existing Data

Tidal flow data for selected sites in New Jersey.
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The Guide to Limitless Clean Energy 2012

Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about one of the world’s most stimulating and fastest-growing industries, directly from the mouths of some of its leading lights.
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Report #4- New Jersey Regional Tidal Data Resources

A review of available tide data, tables, graphics, interactive Internet services and software that provide both historical and real time tidal and water current data is presented in support of tasks required for NJDOT 2010-15 Potential Tidal Power for New Jersey. The purpose of this review is to provide both an understanding of tidal flow dynamics and to identify related information resources.
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