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Thermal Mass Flow Meters and Regulators for Gas
Battery powered mass flow meters with LC-display, manual valve and alarm fuctions
Uploaded by voegtlin on 01/04/2009
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Hemp-Clay: a route towards zero-carbon housing
The monolithic walls of hemp-lime construction enclose and protect a structural timber frame and provide a healthy, breathable building fabric that meets current UK building regulations through largely passive means. The eco-credentials of the method are limited largely by the high embodied energy of lime. Could clay substitute for lime in hemp-crete? This experimental research focuses mainly on the thermal properties of hemp-clay blocks which are tested using a transient heat-transfer probe to measure thermal conductivity, volumetric heat capacity and derive thermal diffusivity and effusivity. Rudimentary compressive strength tests are also conducted. Results are compared with published values for hemp-lime and found to be similar. The results of the experiments and the literature review indicate that the use of clay as an alternative binder has potential to reduce the environmental impact of the hemp-binder method and facilitate the move towards zero-carbon housing.
Uploaded by ruthbusbridge on 09/26/2009
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Feeling the Burn: Wood Stoves, Thermal Mass, and Temperature Lag
A case study of a wood burning stove heating system that hypothesizes improvement through the external addition of thermal mass
Uploaded by lukelarsen on 03/14/2013
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Sustainable Retrofitting of Office Buildings in the UK
This dissertation aims to evaluate technical opportunities and architectural consequences deriving from the retrofit of an office building in the UK. Recent research has focused on the key sources of carbon emissions for the existing building stock, identifying for every main building type different degrees of retrofitting potential. The two case studies, located in Glasgow and Edinburgh, are representative of two main typologies: a core-dependent deep plan and a skin-dependent shallow plan. Daylight and thermal performances are assessed. Different levels of refurbishment are discussed and tested through energy simulations using accurate computer models. Retrofitting actions are grouped into four scenarios: ‘building envelope; HVAC system; lighting systems and use of daylight, passive systems and techniques’.
Uploaded by andreabotti on 11/09/2012
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Earthship Heating and Cooling
The basic structure of an Earthship is built by tires packed with earth. They form a thick wall of thermal mass that stores heat from the sun during the day and releases it at night.
Uploaded by earth_swe on 02/14/2012
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Statistical-based Analysis of Thermally Induced Errors in Computer Control Machining Center Thermal error modeling using the temperature data obtained from different thermal key points is one of the most basic requirements for thermal error compensation in CNC machining centers. Effective thermal error compensation relies on the accurate prediction of the time-variant thermal error during machining. The increase in number of thermal key points not only increases prediction noise in the thermal error model but is also very cost effective.
Uploaded by sep2011--now on 02/18/2013
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SunMaxx Solar’s CEO Adam Farrell to Present at 2011 American Solar Energy Society Conference
The ASES National Solar Conference is the industry’s most comprehensive educational event for everyone interested in the nation’s rapidly expanding clean-energy economy. Featured speakers there discussed about advances in technology and mass deployment of renewable energy and efficiency, national security, jobs creation, how to market solar PV and thermal, legislation to encourage further growth of renewable energy and much more.
Uploaded by sunmaxxsolar on 09/14/2011
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Technical Paper 5 - Energy modelling of a mid 19th century villa
This paper summarises the assessment of a traditional, two-storey sandstone villa in rural Scotland in terms of its energy performance and internal comfort conditions. Dynamic thermal modelling was used rather than steady state calculation methods in an attempt to record results from an alternative software testing technique. The dynamic thermal modelling enables factors such as thermal mass and retrofitted draught proofing to be taken into account which are generally neglected in steady state simulations.
Uploaded by hspubs on 07/30/2009
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“Thermal Building Simulation for Design Practice” - manuscript
K. Krec und Rudy, M. (1996) “Thermal Building Simulation for Design Practice.” Energy and Mass Flow in the Life Cycle of Buildings – International Symposium of CIB W67, Vienna: Conseil International du Bâtiment, 519–525.
Uploaded by margitrudy on 07/26/1996
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“Designing Solar Design Tools” - manuscript
Rudy, M. (1996) “Designing Solar Design Tools.” Energy and Mass Flow in the Life Cycle of Buildings – International Symposium of CIB W67, Vienna: Conseil International du Bâtiment, 409–414.
Uploaded by margitrudy on 07/26/1996
Digital publication details: 6 pages.
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