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A New Method of Calculating Ocean Temperatures Using Expendable Bathythermographs
The world’s oceans are enormous thermal reservoirs that respond slowly to perturbations in the Earth’s energy budget. Their thermal inertia allows them to absorb large amounts of thermal energy during times when the planet is in a net radiation imbalance, such as it is now. Tracking the flow of energy within the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans requires measurements with sufficient resolution to detect small changes in temperature. For ocean monitoring, a number of techniques are commonly used. These techniques have evolved over time and have become more accurate, at the same time, their global distribution has increased.
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Resource Solar - Commercial Solar Thermal Info Packet
A simple document with information about Solar Thermal and Resource Solar in particular.
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Thermal Power Policy - North America Handbook 2010
The report provides a brief overview of the thermal power sector in the US and Canada and analyses the impact of the existing and proposed regulations on the thermal power sector of the US and Canada.
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Assessing the potential for reductions in Irish Local Authority residential energy consumption
A case study of the efficacy of thermal envelope upgrades in a sample of Wicklow County Council's housing stock.
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Thermal destratification in buildings:The missing piece to the HVAC puzzle
Drumbeat Energy Management White Paper
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Conversion of Biodegradable Waste to Fertilizer and Energy
Municipal solid waste management and treatment is a major problem faced by municipal bodies all over the world especially India. Due to increasing population and changing life style, the volume of the waste increases exponentially. In India, the waste is disposed by landfilling, composting, etc. However, these methods have certain disadvantages. In addition to this, Energy Crisis is another crucial problem faced by India. This paper presents a novel technique for treatment of biodegradable waste (which forms a major part of MSW). It involves processing of Biodegradable Waste by thermal process in presence of catalyst at high temperature to give liquid fertilizer and coke as product. This technology has a definite goal of exploiting the commercial aspects of two universal problems i.e. problem of managing the biodegradable waste in the municipal solid waste and overcoming the fuel shortage indigenously
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Technical Paper 5 - Energy modelling of a mid 19th century villa
This paper summarises the assessment of a traditional, two-storey sandstone villa in rural Scotland in terms of its energy performance and internal comfort conditions. Dynamic thermal modelling was used rather than steady state calculation methods in an attempt to record results from an alternative software testing technique. The dynamic thermal modelling enables factors such as thermal mass and retrofitted draught proofing to be taken into account which are generally neglected in steady state simulations.
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Regeneration and Sustainability for the slums in Brazil
Passive and Active strategies to implement in a case study of Favela da Rocinha, with computer simulations, and calculations for the possibility of slums upgrade in thermal comfort, and energy efficiency.
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2013 Training Catalog
The Midwest Renewable Energy Association's 2013 Training Catalog.
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Arrow Power & Thermal Services Brochure
Arrow Electronics is a leading power supply reseller in the Asia Pacific region, specializing in comprehensive solutions and services tailored to meet the specific power and thermal needs.
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