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Ground Source Thermal Conductivity Report
Ssoulton Hall Ground Source Heating Soil Thermal Conductivity Report
Uploaded by soulton_hall on 02/04/2013
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Hemp-Clay: a route towards zero-carbon housing
The monolithic walls of hemp-lime construction enclose and protect a structural timber frame and provide a healthy, breathable building fabric that meets current UK building regulations through largely passive means. The eco-credentials of the method are limited largely by the high embodied energy of lime. Could clay substitute for lime in hemp-crete? This experimental research focuses mainly on the thermal properties of hemp-clay blocks which are tested using a transient heat-transfer probe to measure thermal conductivity, volumetric heat capacity and derive thermal diffusivity and effusivity. Rudimentary compressive strength tests are also conducted. Results are compared with published values for hemp-lime and found to be similar. The results of the experiments and the literature review indicate that the use of clay as an alternative binder has potential to reduce the environmental impact of the hemp-binder method and facilitate the move towards zero-carbon housing.
Uploaded by ruthbusbridge on 09/26/2009
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Nomex® LT
Nomex® LT is a new insulation material that combines outstanding thermal conductivity with superior impregnation capacity
Uploaded by coveme on 02/21/2011
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Mechanical – Production Engineering 08.305 MECHANICAL ENGINEERING
7. Sketch the layout a vapour compression refrigeration cycle and name the various components . 1. Differentiate thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity. What are the factors affecting thermal conductivity ? 10.Explain the term Ozone depletion and Global warming. (10×4=40 Marks) (Answer all questions.) 4. Explain the term LMTD and NTU as applied to heat exchangers. (Pages : 3) 2. What is meant by the term log mean area ? 3. Distinguish between emissive power and emissivity of a body .
Uploaded by manoj.aqlanza on 07/12/2012
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Delta OHM - Catálogo Geral
Apresentação dos equipamentos da Delta OHM.
Uploaded by ert24 on 04/04/2013
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Heat Pulse 2006
Thermal conductivity in liquids, thermal properties of martion soil, rammed earth houses, thermal units conversion chart, about decagon.
Uploaded by decaweb on 11/05/2008
Digital publication details: 8 pages.

Delta OHM - Instrumentos de bancada
Apresentação dos instrumentos de bancada da Delta OHM.
Uploaded by ert24 on 04/03/2013
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Nivelco Catalog
Nivelco Instruments LEVEL SWITCHES Rotary paddle level switches, Conductivity level switches, Magnetic float level switches, Multi-point magnetic float level switches, Plastic float level switches, Vibrating rod level switches, Vibrating fork level switches, LEVEL TRANSMITTERS, TDR level transmitters, FMCW radar level transmitters, Capacitance level transmitters, Hydrostatic level and pressure transmitters, Hydrostatic level and pressure transmitters, Liquid bypass level indicator, Magnetostrictive level transmitters, Integrated compact ultrasonic level transmitters, Compact ultrasonic level transmitters, Universal remote control units, Flanges for ultrasonics, ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENTS, pH transmitters, ORP transmitters, DO transmitters, Conductivity transmitter, Mini conductivity transmitter
Uploaded by aquatechnologygroup on 04/11/2012
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Soil News 08
Effect of Soil Moisture on Ground Hardness for Snowmobile Pass-by Noise Testing, Electrical Conductivity of Soil as a Predictor of Plant Response, Water Potential Sensor, Temperature Dependence of Electrical Conductivity, Units of Electrical Conductivity
Uploaded by decaweb on 05/27/2009
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Materials for Architects and Builders
Arthur Lyons, "Materials for Architects and Builders, Fourth Edition"Butterworth-Heinemann | 2010 | 440 pages | PDF | 15,8 MBMaterials for Architects and Builders covers the broad range of materials used within the construction industry and is a descriptive introduction to their manufacture, key physical properties, specification and uses.
Uploaded by raneemqubatrus on 01/30/2013
Digital publication details: 435 pages.
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