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Houston Graduate School of Theology
Insight to the program at Houston Graduate School of Theology and the admission process.
Uploaded by on 07/30/2012
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Natural Theology vs Theology of Nature
Benjamin Chicka, Philip Clayton, Daniel Dennett, Charles Sanders Peirce, Robert Cummings Neville, theology of nature, natural theology
Uploaded by johnboy_philothea on 04/27/2012
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Theology of Liberation versus Theology of Prosperity
This book explains the fierce hostility between Liberation Theology and Theology of Prosperity in Brazil, showing their roots, and how both theologies affected Brazilian churches.
Uploaded by juliosevero on 05/06/2013
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Tags: brazil

what is a theology of nature
theology of nature, theo-ontology, onto-theology, natural theology, pneumatological, comparative formative spirituality, interreligious, interfaith
Uploaded by johnboy_philothea on 04/09/2012
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Theology of the Body in Context
The zenith of John Paul II’s thought on the human person, marriage, and the family is found in his “theology of the body.” For the first time, William E. May provides a comprehensive yet readable overview of this work in the context of several other key writings of Karol Wojtyla/John Paul II—including Love and Responsibility, Familiaris Consortio, and his Apostolic Letters, Mulieris Dignitatem and Letter to Families—providing rich insights into the development of the theology of the body. • Takes a closer look at the thought of John Paul II in order to get a clear and comprehensive idea of the creation of his groundbreaking work • May employs Dr. Michael Waldstein’s latest and complete translation of theology of the body: Man and Woman He Created Them • An accessible path through the theology of the body without reading the full text.
Uploaded by paulinebooksandmedia on 04/13/2010
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Tags: church · theology

Liberating Black Theology
Have African Americans perpetually been the victims of white oppression, or is there another way to biblically understand the black experience in America? As this African American theologian explores the long-standing cultural and spiritual implications of liberation theology, he introduces an alternative, gospel-based perspective that can truly liberate all Christ-followers.
Uploaded by crossway on 09/16/2010
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The Theology of B. B. Warfield
The first comprehensive, systematic treatment of B. B. Warfield’s theology. This single volume gives scholars, pastors, and students a concise account of Warfield’s position on the entire spectrum of theological topics.
Uploaded by crossway on 09/13/2010
Digital publication details: 46 pages.

Biblical Theology in the Life of the Church
Biblical theology is presented to pastors as a practical, everyday tool. Pastors and church leaders will benefit from a careful examination of a foundation for biblical theology that leads to rich application in ministry. Part of the IXMarks series.
Uploaded by crossway on 09/16/2010
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An Impartial View of Global Theology
Global theology is a touchy topic. In this article we give an impartial view of global theology and its place in the world.
Uploaded by writingmood on 09/04/2010
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Christian Theology Syllabus
SBC Christian Theology Syllabus 2012-13
Uploaded by terryhiebert on 09/06/2012
Digital publication details: 10 pages.
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