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(The) Right to Water. Fact sheet No. 35
United Nations, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), World Health Organization (WHO). 2010 - This publication explains what the right to water is, illustrates what it means for specific individuals and groups, and then elaborates upon State obligations with respect to the right. It concludes with an overview of national, regional and international accountability and monitoring mechanisms.
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Water for Asian Cities Annual Report 2009
The UN-HABITAT’s Water for Asian Cities (WAC) Programme is a collaborative initiative between the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT), the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and governments of Asia.
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Navigating gender in African cities
This Report is a synthesis report of the participatory and Rapid Gender Assessment (RGA) Reports that were conducted in the 17 cities of the Water for African Cities (WAC) II Programme. They represent the first stage of the Gender Mainstreaming Strategy Initiative of the WAC.
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Implementing the Habitat Agenda: Urban Management Programme City Consultation Case Studies
This comprehensive review of the world’s cities analyses the positive and negative impacts on human settlements of the global trends towards social and economic integration and the rapid changes in information and communication technologies.The United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat) draws on specially commissioned and contributed background papers from more than 80 leading international specialists.
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Asian Sanitation Data Book 2008: Achieving Sanitation for All
Sanitation has long been an issue that has received little attention due to its complexity. The absence of relevant data has hindered cities and local governments from adopting appropriate policies and strategies to meet the provision of “sanitation for all.” Moreover, technologies that reflect the needs of communities, as well as the communities’ ability and willingness to pay for better sanitation, are limited.
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The Challenge of Slums - Global Report on Human Settlements 2003
The Challenge of Slums presents the first global assessment of slums, emphasizing their problems and prospects. It presents estimates of the numbers of urban slum dwellers and examines the factors that underlie the formation of slums, as well as their social, spatial and economic characteristics and dynamics. It also evaluates the principal policy responses to the slum challenge of the last few decades. The report argues that the number of slum dwellers is growing and will continue to increase unless there is serious and concerted action by all relevant stakeholders. The report points the way forward and identifies the most promising approaches to achieving the Millennium Declaration target on improving the lives of slum dwellers.
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Water for sustainable urban human settlements. Briefing note
United Nations World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP), United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT). 2010 Today, half of humanity lives in urban areas. By 2050 all regions will be predominantly urban. Building on the outcomes of the World Water Development Report 3 (WWDR3) and on work implemented by UN-HABITAT, this Briefing Note restates the critical water-related challenges of this unprecedented urban expansion - from providing access to basic services to ensuring environmental and human security. The paper provides for concrete policy options to meet these challenges, protect against potential water-related disasters and ensure the development of sustainable urban settlements.
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Beyond scarcity: Power, poverty and the global water crisis.
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). 2006 - The Human Development Report was first launched in 1990 with the goal of putting people back at the center of the development process in terms of economic debate, policy and advocacy. Each report focuses on a highly topical theme in the current development debate, providing path-breaking analysis and policy recommendations. Chapter 6 of the Human Development Report 2006 focuses on transboundary waters management related issues.
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Blue Criminology. The power of United Nations ideas to counter crime globally. A monographic study.
Blue Criminology. The power of United Nations ideas to counter crime globally. A monographic study.
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The vast deficit in sanitation
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). 2006 - This chapter of the Human Development Report, highlights the scale of the global deficit in sanitation. After briefly outlining the contours of the sanitation deficit, it asks why progress in reducing that deficit has been so slow, and it identifies some of the structural factors that explain why advances in sanitation have lagged behind those in water. The chapter explores some of the policies and strategies that have created an environment for accelerated progress.
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