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The Secret Legacy: The perfect summer read for fans of Santa Montefiore, Victoria Hislop and Dinah Jeffries
’A delightful read’ BooklistSome loves are worth sacrificing everything for . . . Santina is spending her final days at her home, Villa San Vito, in the beautiful Italian town of Positano. As she decides the fate of the magnificent eighteenth century palazzo she must confront the choices that led her here.In 1949, hoping to escape poverty, young Santina becomes housekeeper to a distinguished British major and his creative, impulsive wife, Adeline.When they move to Positano, Santina joins them, raising their daughter as Adeline’s mental health declines. With each passing year, Santina becomes more deeply entwined with the family, trying to navigate her complicated feelings for a man who is much more than an employer – while hiding secrets that could shatter the only home she knows . . .Readers love Sara Alexander:’A riveting read’ Online reviewer’Fabulous’ Online reviewer’A wonderful story’ Online reviewer
Published by: HQ | Publication date: 08/09/2018
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 384 pages

Fern Britton Summer Collection: New Beginnings, Hidden Treasures, The Holiday Home, The Stolen Weekend
The best-selling novel by Fern Britton author of The Holiday Home and The Seaside Affair. Perfect for fans of Katie Fforde and Celia Imrie.NEW BEGINNINGS – When Christie Lynch, journalist and single mother of two, is spotted by a talent agent during an appearance on daytime TV show, she can’t believe her luck. But as her career soars, Christie’s forced to spend more and more time away from her kids and her gorgeous squeeze Richard.Can Christie find a way to balance her role as a mother with her increasingly demanding job? And will she make it in the cut-throat world of TV?HIDDEN TREASURES – Helen Merrifield has said goodbye to her philandering husband and her swish West London house to start afresh in a postcard-perfect village in Cornwall.To her surprise, she finds herself the love-interest of two very different men: the kind, gentle, desperate-for-love-and-sex Simon, and the darkly enigmatic local historian, Piran. When her ex-husband puts in an unscheduled appearance, will Helen embrace the future, or is it too difficult to let go of the past?THE HOLIDAY HOME – Each year, the Carew sisters embark on a trip to the family holiday home, Atlantic House, set on a picturesque Cornish cliff.Hard-nosed Prudence is married to the meek and mild Francis, but she’s about to get a shock reminder that you should never take anything for granted. Constance, loving wife to philandering husband Greg, has always been outwitted by her manipulative sibling, but this year she’s finally had enough.When a long-buried secret comes out of the closet, will this one holiday push them all over the edge, or can Constance and Pru leave the past where it belongs?THE STOLEN WEEKEND - Best friends Penny Leighton and Helen Merrifield have swapped their hectic London lives for the leisurely pace of life in the pretty Cornish village of Pendruggan.But sometimes the grass is always greener, and the two women cook up a scheme to leave their Pendruggan men behind and get back to London for a weekend of blissful indulgence. Will Penny and Helen’s stolen weekend be everything they’ve dreamed of, or something else entirely?
Author: Fern Britton
Published by: HarperCollins | Publication date: 06/25/2015
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 913 pages

A Perfect Blood
New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison returns to the Hollows with the electrifying follow-up to her acclaimed Pale Demon!Ritually murdered corpses are appearing across Cincinnati, terrifying amalgams of human and other. Pulled in to help investigate by the I.S. and the FIB, former witch turned day-walking demon Rachel Morgan soon realises a horrifying truth: a human hate group is trying to create its own demons to destroy all Inderlanders, and to do so, it needs her blood.She’s faced vampires, witches, werewolves, demons, and more, but humanity itself might be her toughest challenge yet.
Author: Kim Harrison
Published by: HarperVoyager | Publication date: 01/31/2013
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 417 pages

A Good Catch: The perfect Cornish escape full of secrets
You will love this warm and witty novel from Sunday Times bestselling novel from Fern Britton. The perfect Cornish Escape!A lifetime of friendship. A lifetime of secrets.Greer Clovelly seems to have it all: beautiful, chic and slender, she’s used to getting her own way. Greer has been in love with Jesse Behenna since her first day at school and she’s determined that one day, they’ll be married. After all, a marriage between them would join together two dynasties of Cornish fishing families to make one prosperous one.For her friend, Loveday Carter – plump, freckled and unpretentious – living in the shadow of her friend has become a way of life. She loves Jesse too, but knows that what Greer wants, she usually gets.Jesse, caught in the middle, faces an agonising choice. Should he follow his heart or bow to his father’s wishes? And what about his best friend Mickey, who worships the ground that Loveday walks on?Jesse’s decision will touch them all in ways that they could never foresee, and as the dark clouds start to gather the four friends find themselves weathering a storm – one that has the power to sink them all…Pendruggan: A Cornish village with secrets at its heart
Author: Fern Britton
Published by: HarperCollins | Publication date: 04/23/2015
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 434 pages

Perfect Weight: The Complete Mind/Body Programme For Achieving and Maintaining Your Ideal Weight (Perfect Health Library)
Deepak Chopra shows you how to: Achieve your ideal weight without conting calories Eliminate food cravings and compulsive eating habits individualise your weight maintenance programme Choose foods that use your metabolism to produce energy instead of fat Discover a new way to eercise without strain Know when to start eating-and when to stop In this concise and reliable programme, Deepak Chopra, the world's leading proponent of mind-body medicine, teaches you how to recognize your individual body type and use the enormous healing power of nature -present in every living cell - to make eating the source of health, vigour and beauty it is meant to be. By restoring the body's natural rhythms you will regain your perfect weight and feel every bit as great as you look.
Published by: Ebury Digital | Publication date: 01/19/2010
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 144 pages

How to Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag: Complete With Full Gear List (Survival & Preparedness Library Book 1)
Emergencies and disasters happen when we least expect them. In this new book you'll learn the secrets to creating the perfect Bug Out Bag for you!Not all bug out bags are created equal. Given that you may be in a different location, climate, circumstance or other such situation, your needs will differ from that of others who would like you to believe that all bug out bags should contain the same basic elements. 72 hours is not enough! Learn how to maximize what you have and plan for re-purposing the contents of your bug out bag for longer durations if necessary. You need to know what to include in both long and short term scenarios to make it to your destination safely even if your intended plan changes dramatically.How to Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag includes all the descriptions and uses of the items you need and some that you never thought of. You'll also get a shopping list of items to complete your bug out bag building plan. As an added bonus you'll get a special link to get a free issue of Survivalist Magazine!Don't get caught unprepared when you need it the most, only to realize that your bug out plan came up short. Get this book instantly and get prepared now...
Published by: CDI Publications, LLC | Publication date: 02/02/2013
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 41 pages

Little Sister: A thriller full of family secrets and shocking twists
'A twisted world of family secrets and sibling rivalry.' Katerina Diamond, author of The Teacher A twisty psychological thriller about sibling rivalry for fans of FRIEND REQUEST by Laura Marshall, CLOSE TO HOME by Cara Hunter, and THE GUILTY WIFE by Elle Croft. * * * * *After sixteen years apart sisters Jessica and Emily are reunited. With the past now behind them, the warmth they once shared quickly returns and before long Jess has moved into Emily's comfortable island home. Life couldn't be better. But when baby Daisy disappears while in Jess's care, the perfect life Emily has so carefully built starts to fall apart. Was Emily right to trust her sister after everything that happened before? If you like Clare Mackintosh, Katie Marsh, Kerry Fisher, Jenny Blackhurst, Rachel Abbott, Laura Marshall, Elle Croft, Cara Hunter or Lisa Jewell then you will be utterly gripped by this psychological thriller with a shocking sting in the tale. * * * * * READERS LOVE LITTLE SISTER: 'A heart in your mouth read' Red Magazine 'Brilliantly twisty and compelling' Sam Carrington, author of Saving Sophie 'Kept me up three nights in a row.' Holly Seddon, author of Don't Close Your Eyes 'Little Sister had me gripped from start to finish.' Louise Candlish, author of The Swimming Pool 'Thoughtful, multi-layered and beautifully-written.' Tammy Cohen (Rachel Rhys), author of A Dangerous Crossing 'A dark, disturbing, and fast-paced psychological thriller set on the Isle of Wight.' Goodreads 'A psychological thriller with twists and turns that keep you reading. I didn't want to put it down.' Goodreads 'Warning - don't open this book for a peek, you will not be able to put it aside once you start. A real 'just a few more pages and then I'll go to sleep' book' Goodreads 'Little Sister is a tense psychological study of a modern family in crisis when a traumatic event happens, bringing devastating secrets (some long-held) out into the open.' Amazon 'Brilliant book, I could not put it down. You are never quite sure what will happen next and the end was definitely not what you would expect. One of the best books I've read in a long time.' Amazon 'I've devoured this book in about 2 days desperate to know who was telling the truth. And what a great pay-off ending! Highly recommended!' Goodreads
Published by: Trapeze | Publication date: 04/27/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 384 pages

New Beginnings
A warm, witty and wise debut about the ups and downs of life as a TV presenterWhen Christie Lynch, journalist and single mother of two, appears as a guest on a daytime TV talk show, she could never have imagined that it would lead to a new career. Spotted by hugely successful talent agent, Julia Keen, Christie can't help but be impressed by Julia's charm and stellar client list. And once Julia takes Christie on as a client, Christie's life changes for ever as Julia secures her a high-profile presenting job on a daily chat show.Christie is immediately thrust into the limelight and, despite the intrusion of the paparazzi in her front garden, she starts to enjoy her new-found wealth and fame. But as her career soars to new heights, her home life starts to suffer when she's forced to spend more and more time away from her children.Will Christie find a way to balance her role as a mother with her increasingly demanding job? And can she make it in the cut-throat world of entertainment? Whatever happens, Christie's going to give it all she's got…
Author: Fern Britton
Published by: HarperCollins | Publication date: 03/17/2011
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 434 pages, ISBN 9780007362691

An Almost Perfect Christmas
'This book is the seasonal garnish we all need' Observer"My mother is not a foodie. But for as long as I can remember, once a year, she becomes possessed of a profound and desperate need to serve up a perfect roast turkey. Faced with a walk into the village though, she might think 'oh, f*** it' and decide to get a frozen one from Bejams on the 23rd and leave it to defrost in the downstairs toilet for not quite 48 hours."From perennially dry turkeys to Christmas pudding fires, from the round robin code of conduct to the risks and rewards of re-gifting, An Almost Perfect Christmas is an ode to the joy and insanity of the most wonderful time of the year.
Author: Nina Stibbe
Published by: Penguin | Publication date: 11/02/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 163 pages

Raw Spirit: In Search of the Perfect Dram
A fascinating journey through Scotland's famous distilleries with legendary author Iain Banks No true Scotsman can resist the allure of the nation's whisky distilleries. In an absorbing voyage as interesting to non-drinkers as to true whisky connoisseurs, sci-fi and literary author Iain Banks explores the rich heritage of Scottish whisky, from the largest and most famous distilleries to the smallest, most obscure operations.Whisky is more than a drink: it's a culture, a binder that joins together people, places and products far across Scotland's rugged terrain. Switching from cars to ferries to bicycles, Banks crisscrosses his homeland, weaving an engrossing narrative from the strange people, fascinating traditions, and downright bizarre places he encounters on his journey down Scotland's great golden road.
Author: Iain Banks
Published by: Cornerstone Digital | Publication date: 09/30/2013
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 388 pages
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