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Bad Dog!
Canines share their favorite capers * Kody relates how he flooded his entire home * Cleo explains the many uses for oil paint * Duke shares his method of harassing the police You'll rethink banishing Rex to the basement after you've spent a few minutes with Bad Dog! True Tales of Trouble Only a Best Friend Can Get Away With. This hilarious compendium of stories, shared by the offenders themselves, is guaranteed to make readers laugh out loud. Bad Dog features the best of the Bad Dog Chronicles, a Web site created in 1996 for canine Webmasters. Dogs on the net tell of their proudest momentsofrom trashing furniture, stealing steaks and ireadjustingi the plumbing. Every dog lover will relate to the writers' well-earned pride in their accomplishments, and the damages incurred. The book's tear-out card lets you vote for your favorite bad dog, with prizes for the voters who win the contest. Doug Brown's Web site,, grew out of his posting the story of his own bad dog. The site has become a smash with Web Interactive, Websight Magazine, Yahoo Internet Life Magazine, and many others. Mr. Brown has selected the very best of for Howell.
Category: Pets. ISBN: 9781582451640

Good Dog
Inspired by Garden & Gun magazine's popular Good Dog column, a rich collection of true stories celebrating the unique relationship between humans and their canine companions, penned by some of today's top writers, including Jon Meacham, Roy Blount, Jr, Dominique Browning, and P.J. O'Rourke. When Garden & Gun magazine debuted a column aptly named Good Dog, it quickly became one of the publication's most popular features in print. Now, Editor-in-Chief David DiBennedetto (proud owner of a Boykin spaniel) and the editors of G&G have gathered the most memorable stories, as well as original pieces, in this collection of essays written by some of most notable dog owners in literature and journalism. Good Dog offers memorable, beautifully written stories of dog ownership, companionship, friendship, and kinship. From the troublemakers who can't be fenced in to the lifelong companions who won't leave our sides, this poignant anthology showcases man's best friend through all of his most endearingand sometimes maddeningattributes. By turns inspirational and humorous (just like the dogs we love), Good Dog is a must-have collection for dog lovers everywhere.
Category: Literary Collections. ISBN: 9780062242372

The story of the canine has been fundamentally entwined with that of humanity since the earliest times, and this ancient and fascinating story is told in Susan McHugh's Dog.
Category: Nature. ISBN: 9781861892034

This weekend, in Washington, D.C., a disgraced former Congressman named Gavin Prestaen and three small-businessmen stumble on jihadists bio-militarizing 500 stolen dogs with The Lash of Allah Unendurable pain, infinitely prolonged. As the attack clock counts down, paralyzing political correctness costs lives, while an ambitious rogue FBI agent decides Prestaen himself is the terrorist mastermind. So, saving the Nation's Capital is now up to four unprepared citizen vigilantes, and, in Herb Borkland's full-tilt cut-throat madhouse of a novel, Prestaen is reborn as a new kind of hero the kind who ends up becoming the most hated American of the 21st century.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9780578157627

A new book from the winner of the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize When Tom meets Spider, he thinks he has found a friend for life. But their friendship doesn't run smoothly; Spider can't help being a naughty puppy, while Tom has to deal with his parents' separation, the pressure of a new school and a bully's unwanted attention. But when Tom and Spider become separated, they learn that they are far braver and more determined than anyone cold have imagined. And in losing each other, they discover an unbreakable bond of love. Andy Mulligan was brought up in south London. He has taught in the Philippines, India, Brazil, Vietnam and the UK. His first novel, Ribblestrop , was shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Funny Books Prize, and his second won the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize. Trash was shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal, has been translated into 31 languages and was filmed by Stephen Daldry.
Category: Children's & Young Adult Fiction. ISBN: 9781782691716

Both humorous and heartwarming, 'Dog' is the story of Jill Rosen a single, childless professor who has given up on finding love and Phil, the wise, young dog she adopts, almost by accident. Although Jill finds her routines disrupted and her wistfulness about past loves stirred, she forges a connection with the dog that takes her by surprise in her solitary middle age.Both humorous and heartwarming, Dog is the story of Jill Rosen a single, childless professor who has given up on finding love and Phil, the wise, young dog she adopts, almost by accident. Although Jill finds her routines disrupted and her wistfulness about past loves stirred, she forges a connection with the dog that takes her by surprise in her solitary middle age. About the Author: Michelle Herman is the author of the novel 'Missing', the collection of novellas 'A New and Glorious Life', and a memoir, 'The Middle of Everything'. Her honors include a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, a James Michener Fellowship, and a major teaching award from Ohio State University, where she has taught since 1988. Born in Brooklyn, New York, she now lives in Columbus, Ohio, with her husband, still life painter Glen Holland, their daughter Grace, and too many pets to mention.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781596921788

Magazine Journalism
A much needed digest of magazine journalism that analyses the origins of this global format with a view to understanding the future directions of the magazine model. It takes an economic and policy focused stance to provide a comprehensive analysis of not just the magazine, but the magazine industry.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9781847870292

Magazine Law
Magazine Law is a comprehensive guide to the law for magazine journalists, editors and managers. Written by a barrister experienced in publishing and copyright law and a former magazine journalist and law lecturer, the book addresses the special needs of the magazine industry and explains the laws that regulate and seek to determine what journalists can and cannot publish, and how these laws are applied in everyday situations. Written specifically for all those in the magazine industry, as well as students of magazine journalism, the authors address issues which directly affect day to day practice. The legal and regulatory framework is illustrated with case studies and up-to-date examples of precedent setting cases. Topics covered include: * the legal process and the distinction between criminal and civil law * the role of the courts and reporting court procedure * defamation, fair-comment and libel * product testing and criticism * copyright and passing off * law for photographers, picture researchers and the use of illustrations * privacy and trespass * competition, lotteries and magazine promotion * sub-editing errors and inaccurate copy * ethical and professional issues facing journalists Codes of Practice published by the Press Complaints Commission and National Union of Journalists are set out in appendices, as are requirements for the award of a National Vocational Qualification in Periodical Journalism in Press Law and Ethics. A glossary of legal terms is included.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9780415151412

PS Magazine
Will Eisnerbest known for his influential comic book series The Spirit and his groundbreaking graphic novel A Contract with God believed in the teaching power of comics, and from 1951 to 1971 he produced PS magazine for the U.S. Army. This Preventive Maintenance Monthly (called PS because it was a postscript to the standard technical manuals) was aimed at teaching American soldiers everything about weapons safety for vehicles, aircraft, firearms, and electronics. Eisner illustrated these vital lessons in drawings, pinups, step-by-step guides, and comic strips. This collection contains the best of Eisner's 227 issues of PS , reproduced in a portable digest format. This relatively unknown work by Eisner is finally exploredthe missing link between his comic books and his later, more mature graphic novel style. Praise for PS Magazine : "For the first time, Will Eisner's superlative work for the U.S. Army has been assembled into a single collection. The result shows the artist's keen understanding of the educative power of graphic storytelling. From 1951 to 1971, between The Spirit and A Contract with God, Eisner produced PS Magazine for the army in order to teach the common soldier how best to use, maintain, repair, and requisition their equipment. From explaining how to load a truck correctly to why it won't start, Eisner used a combination of humor, sound technical writing, and graphic storytelling to educate the soldiers. His magazines could be found at the front lines, in the officer's mess, and in the quarters of senior military officials. It featured a cast of recurring characters like the loveable Joe Dope and the voluptuous Connie Rodd, who headlined featured segments like Joe's Dope Sheet and the provocatively named Connie Rodd's Briefs. With Eisner's wonderful artwork and clarity of style making sometimes difficult concepts easy to understand, it's no wonder PS Magazine was so popular with military personnel. A fascinating document for both fans of Eisner and military history buffs." - Publishers Weekly starred review These amusing yet pragmatic sketches provide a missing-link' comics document for fans and demonstrate the same mastery of his craft that marked Eisner's better-known works. Booklist An instructional model for today's producers of nonfiction comics, which too often lack such visual traction, this also has appeal for military buffs, vehicle junkies, and Eisner fans. Library Journal The enthusiast who's been nurturing a curiosity about Eisner's lost years will find all he needs to know from this beautifully produced little volume. The Comics Journal "Eisner understood comics' potential for education decades before his peers, and PS magazine was his first laboratory. This thoughtful new collection is an essential addition to the Eisner library." -Scott McCloud, author of Understanding Comics
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9780810997486

Magazine Editing
Including comprehensive coverage on both print and online, consumer and free magazines, Magazine Editing looks at how magazines work and explains the dual role of the magazine editor. John Morrish and Paul Bradshaw consider the editor both as a journalist, having to provide information and entertainment for readers, and as a manager, expected to lead and supervise successfully the development of a magazine or periodical. Looking at the current state of the magazine market in the twenty-first century, the third edition explains how this has developed and changed in recent years, with specific attention paid to the explosion of apps, e-zines, online communities and magazine websites. Featuring case studies, interviews with successful editors, examples of covers and spreads, and useful tables and graphs, this book discusses the editor's many roles and details the skills needed to run a publication. Magazine Editing offers practical guidance on: how to create an editorial strategy how to lead and manage an editorial team researching a market and finding new readers dealing with budgets and finance working with designers and production staff legal, technological and ethical dilemmas online distribution, social media and search engine optimisation managing information overload how to become an editor.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines. ISBN: 9780415608343
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