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Vistara: The Architecture of India
Owing to its historic importance, this document is has been digitized and re-printed pro bono and in public interest by IA&B Magazine. To be distributed free of cost to institutions and schools of architecture in India. Digitized and Restored with efforts by:Sharmila Chakravorty Shalmali Wagle Prasenjit Bhowmick Ayishwariya Balagopal Christina D’sa Indian Architect & Builder Magazine This document was a part of the seminal ‘Vistara: The Architecture of India’ exhibition, 1986 that travelled the world. This is an attempt to resurrect and preserve one of the most crucial and complex comments on the Architecture of India. The exhibition was accompanied by This book and the Vistara film – a projection system – chronicling powerful ideas, elements and epochs that represented our architecture and the practice of habitat-making. 25 years later, in an attempt to preserve the comment for generations to come, this book has been digitized by IA&B. Free and open to all readers online.
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Play the Architecture – portfolio book 2011
I have designed this portfolio of my architecture projects and ideas. It’s called “Play the Architecture”, because for me, architecture is like a game. It’s interesting, creative, adventurous, technical, logical and funny. Always with some other plans and new results. One can experience a lot of stories... Enjoy :-)
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In the Architecture of Bone (Excerpt)
In the Architecture of Bone is the spirit of Armenia streaming through the mnemonic of Semerdjian’s family and their abode. This “evidence” exists by means of its words inscripted on a blank beatific hide. And this hide co-respirates as a biography of exile while lingering in the cells of language. Scenic registrations, interior postings via a vivid singularity. Semerdjian condenses the “undertow” and the droning of the Armenian Diaspora through a stark imaginal thriving. In the Architecture of Bone is a book brimming with marvelous seepage and recollection.—Will Alexander Alan Semerdjian's In the Architecture of Bone reads like a long poem cycle that pulls the reader into an open field in which Semerdjian weaves his explorations of language and art, Armenian history and family. These dynamic poems mingle the ghosts of the past with the pace of contemporary life. This talented, young poet is well worth your reading.—Peter Balakian
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Art in the Architecture
A book of 16 Chicago houses of worship. Photography of interiors, art, designs and architectural elements. Historic and siginificant buildings. A work in progress. Book I
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The architecture of the Arkansas Ozarks
The architecture of the Arkansas Ozarks pdf review
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Into the Seam: the Architecture of Boundary
An MArch design thesis on the role of architecture in barrier and border separations with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. By Erik Leahy at the University of Nebraska Lincoln College of Architecture, developed under the mentorship of professor Brian Kelly.
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The architecture of civic systems, is a thesis project by Aakarsh Shamanur, student from RV school of architecture(2007-2012), Bengaluru.
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The Architecture of the Profane
Thesis Preparation book exploring the salient qualities of an American society evolving towards a more universal, and more secular, understanding of life.
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The Architecture and Urban Culture of Financial Crisis
In October 2008 - while the collapse of Lehman Brothers threatened a global economic catastrophe - an urban research workshop was held at University College London to discuss the way space, culture and capital combine in shaping the turbulent economic landscapes of industrial cities today. The event featured a keynote from Professor Sir Peter Hall and heard new research from an interdisciplinary group of leading and emerging thinkers from across the fields of architecture, planning, economics,geography and cultural studies.The book collects the transcripts of all the talks, together with an essay and photography stimulated by the contributions. Together they offer an accessible and compelling set of perspectives on the urban causes and unfolding consequences of the great recession of 2008.Edited by Louis Moreno - UCL Urban LaboratoryDesigned by John Alderson
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The Future of Architecture Education
Architectural Education is still patterned around the “noble profession” ideology and producing professionals who thereby need to “cope up” with the pressures of retraining in the current practices that are constantly adjusting to the pressures of globalization for their survival and growth. While this can generally be seen as adding pressure to the lives of the fresh graduates, who join the profession in a state of half readiness due to the above gap end up getting frustrated in trying to adjust to the pressures of the contemporary architectural practices, it also forces the current practices to spend valuable resources including time and money to retrain these young graduates to absorb them in their practices.
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